Urban Cruiser


16 May 2022



The Urban Cruiser is the new kid on the block, and it is ready to own the city. This impressive compact SUV is equipped to make your everyday commute something that you look forward to! The Urban Cruiser means business, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The vehicle is available in bright and vibrant colours, bringing liveliness into your daily driving. This Compact SUV is easy to manoeuvre on tight city roads, while still maintaining a spacious interior that can comfortably fit five people.

This vehicle honours Toyota’s traditionally strong and commanding exterior. However, there is nothing traditional or old-fashioned about the interior. The interior is fitted with various convenience features that make getting from A to B a pleasure. The Urban Cruiser can be connected to smart play with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This allows the driver to access the applications on their phone via the infotainment touchscreen. The steering wheel is also fitted with short-cut buttons that connect to the mobile phone, cruise control and more.

Selected models of the Urban Cruiser also feature a cool box and automatic aircon. The large cabin space is further improved by the 328 litres of space in the boot. Features like this make this compact SUV an unbeatable choice in the overall market. There are 3 different Trim Lines available for the Urban Cruiser, the Xi (entry-level), Xs (mid-level) and the Xr (premium-level).


With three trim options available with the choice between petrol and diesel, you will be able to find the perfect Urban Cruiser variant for your lifestyle. Toyota is renowned for its reliability, so you can be confident that your purchase will be able to stand the test of time - and South African potholes!

Vehicle SpecificationRecommended Retail Price
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XiR 272 200
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XsR291 300
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xs A/TR314 400
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XRR320 300
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XR A/TR343 300

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One of the most prominent features of the Urban Cruiser’s performance is its incredible fuel economy. This compact SUV is no gas-guzzler with an impressive fuel consumption of 6.2 litres per 100km. The maximum power is also nothing to be ignored as the Urban Cruiser offers 77kw at 6000r/min. The Torque hits its maximum performance at 138kw at 4400r/min. With these capabilities, you will be able to zip around the city without spending a fortune on fuel.

According to AutoTrader, “ Out on the road, the vehicle is incredibly easy to pilot, with a light clutch action, a vague but soft gearshift action along with a reasonable amount of refinement and noise cancellation for a product in this segment.” The Urban Cruiser is front-wheel drive and therefore not ideal for off-road adventures. However, it does have 198mm of ground clearance, which should help if you find yourself on a dirt road.


The Urban Cruiser is a five-seater that has been celebrated for its surprisingly large interior space. The boot has considerable space for all of your belongings with 328 litres to fill. The second row of seats in this vehicle can be folded down completely to create more boot space. This is perfect for those who carry larger equipment like sports gear or camping equipment. And since the Urban Cruiser is so light on fuel, why not use it for your next weekend road trip?

And what is better, this vehicle comes standard with a variety of features that make it the king of convenience. The touchscreen infotainment system is 7 inches (17.78cm) wide with a full-colour display. The Urban Cruiser’s infotainment can be connected to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - something that not all cars can boast about. Additionally, every Trim Line comes standard with steering wheel switches, electric windows, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. While other automotive brands often charge extra for convenience features, Toyota provides real value for money.


Urban Cruiser Technology

The Urban Cruiser has a variety of technologies that we mentioned in the convenience section. Aside from the Urban Cruiser Xi, every other Trim Line comes standard with a reverse camera. When driving in the city, or even in the suburbs, a reverse camera can help reduce damage and accidents from occurring. The Urban Cruiser also comes standard with smart entry - this allows you to lock the car doors wirelessly and enter with the key securely in your pocket. The Urban Cruiser Xr also comes standard with cruise control for those long highway drives.

The headlights on the Urban Cruiser are LED lights, one of the brightest and best light options available for vehicles. The car also comes standard with LED daytime running lights which can help other drivers identify your car in misty or rainy weather. The rear lights are also LED, one of the best things about LED lights is that they are long-lasting and help emit a brighter light. Overall, the Urban Cruiser provides more value for money than other compact SUVs on the market and is a great investment.

Urban Cruiser Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors that buyers take into consideration when purchasing a vehicle. Since you will be driving often with dear family and friends, it is pertinent that you have peace of mind. The Urban Cruiser delivers on all fronts for its safety features. Every single Trim Line available comes standard with full safety, security and driver support features. This is especially vital when buying a car that will be used for city driving as there can be higher instances of vehicle theft or break-ins.

Every Urban Cruiser has an alarm and immobiliser in its anti-theft system - keeping you and your car safe and sound. The rear doors are also equipped with a child lock to avoid any accidents caused by youthful mischief. The front cockpit has airbags for the driver and passenger in case of a collision. One of the best things about the Toyota Urban Cruiser is that it comes standard with features that often cost an extra fee, such as:

  • Rear park distance control
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)


If you’d like to learn more about the Urban Cruiser from a different perspective, you can watch the video below from one of the biggest automotive reviewers in South Africa.


Is It Good To Buy An Urban Cruiser?

We believe that any Toyota vehicle is a good purchase and a worthwhile investment. In terms of the Urban Cruiser, this vehicle is good for anyone who needs a city car that offers substantial interior space while still offering flexible manoeuvring. It is also great for someone who values safety and technology as most desired features come standard across the Trim Lines.

Is The Toyota Urban Cruiser Build Quality Good?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is built to last. With front and rear suspension to conquer any pothole and steel or alloy wheels, this vehicle can withstand a challenge. The Urban Cruiser also comes standard with a 3-year service plan for 45 000km to ensure your car is taken care of.

Is The Urban Cruiser Better Than Brezza?

Since the Urban Cruiser and the Brezza share the same engine and power capabilities - it all comes down to preference. The exterior styling is similar but has definitive differences, and the specs also differ. However, the Toyota brand has an unbeatable reputation for reliability and quality.

Is The Urban Cruiser Value For Money?

The Urban Cruiser is one of the most cost-effective compact SUVs on the market. Its fuel efficiency, coupled with the features that are included at no extra cost, make the Urban Cruiser incredibly good value for money.


We can help you find the perfect Urban Cruiser variant for your lifestyle. Toyota CFAO is an authorised Toyota dealership and we are committed to our customers.

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