05 May 2023


Compact SUVs are classified as in-between small and midsize SUVs usually with a unique look.

When it comes to these types of SUVs, the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza have made a significant impact on the automotive market. Both vehicles offer versatility, practicality, and a host of features that cater to the needs of urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts.


This section will list all of the Toyota Urban Cruiser and Suzuki Brezza models with their individual prices.

Toyota Urban Cruiser ModelsPrice
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xs MTR 329 400
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XR MTR 347 400
Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XR ATR 369 900

Suzuki Brezza ModelsPrice
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GL 5MTR 269 900
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GL 4ATR 290 900
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GL S-Edition 5MTR 289 900
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GL S-Edition 4ATR 309 900
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GLX 5MTR 316 900
Vitara Brezza 1.5 GLX 4ATR 337 900


In this section, the latest Toyota Urban Cruiser models and the latest Suzuki Brezza models will be compared, focusing on key characteristics such as Versatility, Maneuverability, Off-Road Capability, Safety Features, Fuel Efficiency, Comfortability and Exterior Styling.


The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza are designed to cater to various needs and lifestyles. From daily commuting to weekend escapades, these models offer versatility in their performance and functionality. Whether you need a practical city cruiser or a capable off-road explorer, both vehicles are equipped to handle a wide range of driving scenarios

Although the Suzuki Brezza is capable, the Toyota Urban Cruiser is designed to adapt to your diverse needs. Its compact size and nimble handling make it agile in urban environments, while its capable performance and ruggedness enable you to tackle off-road terrains with ease. The Urban Cruiser's versatility ensures that it can keep up with your ever-changing lifestyle.


In crowded city streets and tight parking spaces, manoeuvrability is crucial. The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza shine in this aspect, providing nimble handling and easy manoeuvring. Their compact size, responsive steering, and efficient turning radius make navigating urban environments a breeze.

When it comes to mobility, the Toyota Urban Cruiser shines brighter than the Brezza. It's compact dimensions and responsive steering make navigating tight city streets and parking spaces a breeze. Whether you're darting through traffic or squeezing into a small parking spot, the Urban Cruiser's agility and precise handling allow you to navigate with confidence and ease.

Off-Road Capability

Off-roading is not necessarily reserved for large SUVs or robust bakkies. Compact SUVs are not exclusively designed to go off-road, but they do have the capability when push comes to shove.

While not intended for extreme off-roading, both the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza offer capable performance on rough terrains and challenging weather conditions. With features like higher ground clearance, robust suspension systems, and advanced traction control, these SUVs are ready to tackle mild off-road adventures and provide a sense of confidence in diverse driving conditions.

Both the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza feature all of the above, the Urban Cruiser is designed with Toyota’s well-known reliability and caution. The Toyota Urban Cruiser gives you the freedom to explore beyond the city limits and embark on exciting outdoor adventures.

Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern for any vehicle, and the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza prioritize the well-being of their occupants. Both models come equipped with advanced safety technologies such as multiple airbags, anti-lock braking systems, stability control, and rearview cameras. These features enhance overall safety and provide peace of mind on every journey.

Toyota has always been synonymous with safety, and the Urban Cruiser is no exception. It comes equipped with a comprehensive array of safety features to protect you and your passengers on every journey. From multiple airbags and anti-lock braking systems to stability control and rearview cameras, the Urban Cruiser prioritises your safety, providing you with peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel.

Fuel Efficiency

With rising fuel costs and environmental consciousness, fuel efficiency is an essential consideration for any vehicle.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza deliver impressive fuel economy, ensuring fewer trips to the pump and reduced carbon emissions. Their efficient engines and aerodynamic designs contribute to their eco-friendly performance without compromising on power and responsiveness

Efficiency is key in today's world, and the Toyota Urban Cruiser delivers impressive fuel economy without compromising performance. This ensures that you can enjoy longer drives and more adventures while minimizing fuel expenses and reducing your environmental footprint.


Comfortability is the key to happiness, especially when it comes to cars.

Both the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza prioritize comfort and convenience for their occupants. The cabins of these compact SUVs are thoughtfully designed with a range of amenities to enhance the overall driving experience.

Features such as plush seating, adjustable seats, and ample legroom ensure that passengers can enjoy long journeys in utmost comfort. Additionally, modern infotainment systems, including touchscreen displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration, keep drivers connected and entertained on the road.

Regarding this section, the Toyota Urban Cruiser and Suzuki Brezza are almost similar. In the end, it all comes down to your preference.

Exterior Styling

Everyone wants a car that they find visually appealing. This is where exterior styling comes in.

In terms of styling, the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza exhibit their unique design philosophies. The Urban Cruiser carries Toyota's signature sleek and sophisticated look, blending sharp lines with contemporary elements.

On the other hand, the Brezza boasts a more sporty and aggressive stance with bold accents and a distinctive front grille. Both models offer a range of exterior colour options and customization choices, allowing owners to personalize their vehicles to reflect their individual styles.


Are the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza the same car?

They may share some similarities, but in essence, they are two different vehicles with different styles and specifications.

What does “Brezza” mean?

In Italian, the word Brezza means Breeze.

Which brand is more reliable: Toyota or Suzuki?

Toyota is globally known for its reliable and safety-focused vehicles.


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The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Brezza are both formidable contenders in the compact SUV segment. Each model brings its unique set of features, ensuring a delightful driving experience for urban dwellers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Whether you prioritise comfort, off-road capabilities, fuel efficiency, or style, both the Urban Cruiser and the Brezza have something to offer.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser’s superior qualities and exceptional performance make it a reliable and trusted companion for your everyday journeys and exciting escapades. Choose the Toyota Urban Cruiser, and experience the perfect balance of urban sophistication, versatility, and dependability in a compact SUV

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