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28 Sep 2022

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Toyota Urban Cruiser captured outside

It is not entirely fair to simply box the Toyota Urban Cruiser as a rebadged Suzuki Vitara Brezza. Indeed the variant is a product of the Toyota/Suzuki alliance, but it remains a worthy addition to the Toyota family. The sales of the Urban Cruiser alone speak volumes (pun not intended) about the great appeal that the vehicle has. The latest range is available in 5 different models:

  • New Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xi
  • New Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xs
  • New Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xs A/T
  • New Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XR
  • New Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 XR A/T

Toyota Urban Cruiser captured next to graffiti

The compact SUV has plenty to offer the market. Customer reviews buzz about the pleasant driving experience that the range offers, and it is especially suited to those who prefer a manual transmission. The engine beneath the hood is a keen and consistent performer, with the Toyota Urban Cruiser even capable of navigating gravel and certain off-road surfaces. This is especially impressive given that the Urban Cruiser is not a 4x4.

The exterior is refreshingly modern and stylish, escaping the sometimes cumbersome aesthetic usually associated with family vehicles. The interior of the model is well put together, spacious, and focused on being functional. Whilst many vehicles offer a busy cabin and complex innovation, the Toyota Urban Cruiser does the opposite. The most recognizable feature (especially amongst Toyota enthusiasts) would be the inclusion of the Touchscreen Multimedia System, which allows customers to link their smart devices to the system via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Interior

Apart from the range of vehicle specifications and performance, one of the most impressive aspects of the Toyota Urban Cruiser would be the pricing. The entry-model Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xi retails for R274 900, making the SUV the perfect choice for those just entering the market. Let’s explore some of the model's accessories.


Toyota Urban Cruiser captured on the coast

The Toyota Urban Cruiser comes equipped with a good amount of accessories. Examples of these include

Toyota Urban Cruiser Exterior Accessories

Toyota Urban Cruiser side skirt

Accessory: Purpose:
Roof spoiler garnish: black Useful for enhancing the stability of the vehicle
Side skirts: black and silver Maximizes aerodynamic performance and offers protection.
Mudguards Protect the vehicle from random debris and mud.
Scuff plates with model name Minimize the effect of constantly closing the door and protecting the sill.
Front bumper garnishes The bumper assists with absorbing the impact from other vehicles in the instance of a collision.
Front underrun black inserts Are useful for preventing smaller objects from being dragged beneath the car in the event of a collision.

Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xi

Toyota Urban Cruiser Interior Accessories

Toyota Urban Cruiser interior view

Accessory: Purpose:
Window sunshades curtain There is a dual purpose with these accessories. They ensure privacy and make sure that the cabin is cooler.
Floor mats Ensure cleanliness, protect the vehicle’s carpet and provide comfort to the passengers in the cabin.
Car seat cover Provide the upholstery with protection.
Urban Cruiser boot mat Provide the boot with protection in the instance that there is a spill.

If you require additional information on the range of Toyota Urban Cruiser Accessories, please click here.


Car technician repairing a vehicle

The use of original Toyota parts will be greatly beneficial to your Toyota Urban Cruiser. Do not be swayed by the easy availability of Toyota parts. By using cheap parts Toyota cannot guarantee superior quality or performance, which we can with genuine parts.

Choosing genuine Toyota parts is imperative in preserving the integrity of your Toyota Urban Cruiser. If you do sell your vehicle, the resale value of your vehicle can be preserved. Navigating this space as a consumer need not be complex, but it could well be. The use of an incorrect part could gravely affect the performance of your Toyota Urban Cruiser. By opting for genuine Toyota parts you can eliminate that risk.

View of engine parts

Examples of Toyota Urban Cruiser car parts include:

  • Headlights
  • Gearbox
  • Radiator
  • Windshield

Why not locate your nearest approved CFAO Mobility Toyota Dealership and book a service appointment with us? It is also a wonderful opportunity to view our range of service and parts specials.


Toyota logo

When you purchase a Toyota Urban Cruiser, it is accompanied by a convenient service plan and warranty. The parameters are similar throughout the five variants. Have a look at them below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service intervals 12 months/15 000km
Standard Factory Service plan 3 services/45 000km
Standard Factory Warranty 3 years/100 000km

Toyota Urban Cruiser Extended Warranty Options:

Type Of Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited ext Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited ext Warranty Toyota Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty
Parameters 6 Year/Unlimited km 8 Year/Unlimited km 2 years/ 250 000 km
Toyota Urban Cruiser Once-Off Payment R3,750 R5,850 R5,150

For the Pre-Owned Warranty plan, vehicles must not be older than 10 years or exceed 200 000 on the clock. For the unlimited extension warranty plans, these plans only fall within
the 3 years / 100 000 km.


Which model is the Toyota Urban Cruiser modelled after?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is modelled after the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza.

What is the average fuel consumption of the Toyota Urban Cruiser?

The vehicle is quite frugal, and only consumes 6.2 litres per 100kms.

How safe is the Toyota Urban Cruiser?

It is a relatively safe vehicle, having scored 4 stars in the global NCAP crash tests.

Which country manufactures the Toyota Urban Cruiser?

The vehicle is assembled in India.

Does the Toyota Urban Cruiser qualify as an SUV?

Indeed it does. The range may be regarded as a Compact SUV.


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Toyota steering wheel up close

Serving your Toyota Urban Cruiser with us is the ultimate peace of mind. Enquire here to view our range of service specials and book a service appointment with us. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.