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17 Aug 2022


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The new Toyota Starlet has more space for more fun in your everyday life. Boasting a modern exterior the Toyota Starlet has a streamlined design that looks good wherever you go. The sporty design influences are embodied by the artistic angular lines of the bonnet. The sporty look of this vehicle is enhanced by the upgraded 1.5-litre engine. Upgraded and efficient, the new Toyota Starlet has a maximum power of 77 kW @ 6 000 r/min and peak torque of 138 Nm @ 4 400 r/min.

The new Toyota Starlet is available both in automatic four-speed transmission and five-speed manual transmission. These options allow you to choose how you’ll tackle the streets of the urban jungle. We have a great article that covers a review of the Toyota Starlet, so you can be even more informed. With the new Toyota Starlet, you can choose between 5 different models, more choices for even more fun on the road.

Toyota Starlet Models:

  • Starlet 1.5 Xi Manual
  • Starlet 1.5 Xs Manual
  • Starlet 1.5 Xs Automatic
  • Starlet 1.5 Xr Manual
  • Starlet 1.5 Xr Automatic

We have a great article on the Toyota Starlet pricing & financing if you'd like to learn more.

The Starlet is also equipped with the latest interior technology. Every model comes standard with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, power steering and a display touch-screen infotainment system. There is also Bluetooth connectivity with 3 USB ports and a minimum of 4 speakers in-vehicle. That way you can connect to the Starlet easily with all your favourite tunes! Read more about the Starlet exterior and interior to get all of the facts.

New Toyota Starlet interior of cockpit



With just a quick Google (or bing, if that’s your thing) search, you can find a wide range of accessories for your Starlet online. It is easy to be tempted to find the cheapest option or maybe even the easiest option. We highly recommend that you go through a verified Toyota dealership for your vehicle’s accessories. Buying genuine parts protects your car’s warranty, ensures your vehicle’s compliance and improves performance.

The accessories offered for the new Toyota Starlet span interior and exterior. The interior accessories include a textile boot mat and cargo organiser. The exterior Starlet accessories on offer include:

  • Toyota Safety Film Kit (100 or 150 Micron)
  • Headlamp Protection Film - Clear
  • Bonnet Protection Film - Clear
  • Rear Bumper Protection Film - Clear

Customising your car is meant to be a fun and exciting experience. Keep it that way by using a verified Toyota dealership. You can find your nearest verified dealer with our CFAO Mobility Toyota Find A Dealership tool.

exterior of Toyota starlet in the city


Just like accessories, parts for your Toyota should be 100% genuine for 100% peace of mind. CFAO Mobility Toyota offers genuine Toyota parts specials that are updated periodically on the website. When you buy a Toyota it is built to last! However, there will always be parts that need to be replaced. Whether it's due to the road conditions of your area, a specific climate or frequency of use – your parts should be checked regularly. This ensures your safety and your car’s endurance.

Are you wondering what parts might be needing replacement the most often? Taking into account the basic wear and tear of everyday driving, this article features the most often replaced car parts:

  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Clutch disc
  • Brake pads
  • Timing belt

Toyota South Africa’s top 5 reasons to keep your vehicle genuine:

  1. Toyota parts are high quality
  2. Toyota parts offer unbeaten value
  3. Toyota parts are compliant with regulations.
  4. Toyota parts keep your vehicle’s performance optimal
  5. Genuine parts have a 12-month warranty to protect you and your vehicle


Two happy Toyota car owners taking a selfie

If these great reasons are not enough proof to buy genuine, you can also read up on the perils of using fake car parts from News24.


Chances are if you’re investing in a Starlet – you want it to last for the long run. The new Toyota Starlet comes with a complimentary warranty of 3 years or 100 000 km. This keeps your vehicle covered for that time period or distance, giving you comfort in your car’s performance. This standard warranty applies to all Starlet models.

Toyota Starlet Warranties

Warranty 3 Years / 100 000 km

happy Toyota Starlet owners walking in the city

A complimentary warranty is a great start for your vehicle’s maintenance. However, there are also extended warranty plans available. This is a Toyota-Approved plan that will help your car retain more value over time. It also affords your Starlet with full-service history – this will be a big benefit if you’re considering re-selling your vehicle. Used cars with a full-service history can be worth significantly more than a used car without those documents. If you’d like to enquire about an extended warranty, please contact us to learn more.

Toyota Starlet Extended Warranty Options:

Type Of Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited Warranty Toyota Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty Unlimited
Parameters 6 Year/Unlimited km 8 Year/Unlimited km 2 years/Unlimited km
Toyota Starlet (Pre-Facelift) Once-Off Payment R3,090 R4,750 R4,190
Toyota Starlet (Facelift) Once-Off Payment R3,750 R5,850 R5,190

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a Genuine Toyota Warranty, you can learn from the #ToyotaFam. Learn more about genuine Toyota warranties in the video below!

Watch A Video: Genuine Toyota Warranties


A service plan allows you to keep your car running smoothly, without the unexpected speedbumps of rogue bills. By investing in a service plan you are ensuring that your car is covered with genuine parts, expert mechanics and within warranty parameters. A vehicle service allows you to “check in” with your car. This can help pick up ‘problem areas’ before they become irreparable. With the routine of taking your car for services, you can feel more confident taking on a long road trip or your daily commute.

Watch A Video: Toyota Service Benefits

The Toyota manufacturer's warranty comes standard with all Starlet models with the following criterion:

Toyota Starlet Service Options

Service Plan (Complimentary) 3 Services / 45 000 km
Service Interval 12 Months / 15 000 km

If you’re someone who values their foresight you might be interested in an extended service plan. If you are unsure what an extended service plan covers, have a look at this article by Motor1. CFAO Mobility Toyota has regular service specials, remember to check this page regularly if you’re looking for a great Toyota Approved service deal! Still want to know more about the benefits of servicing your car? Check out this article on 6 reasons why you should service your car.

Our team is friendly, professional and helpful. With CFAO Mobility Toyota you are able to book a service appointment easily and quickly. To book a service simply complete our form and we will contact and assist you as soon as possible. Our Toyota service centres are available for car services and can assist Monday to Friday with all scheduled maintenance and unplanned repairs, even if your vehicle is out of service.

person using toyota starlet touchscreen display


CFAO Mobility Toyota prides itself in offering customers the best possible service, quickly and efficiently. We want your Toyota journey to be stress-free and quite simply - fun! To learn more about our Toyota After-Sales services and parts we offer, please enquire online with us. If you want to visit one of our locations, please locate your nearest dealer. We cannot wait to meet you!

Want To Learn More About The Starlet?

Motus Cars have done a thorough yet succinct review of the new Toyota Starlet. In under 5 minutes, you can learn more about the engine, ride quality, interior, infotainment and safety features. We hope that this video helps shed more light on why your Starlet should be cherished and maintained to the highest standard. Make space for fun with your Toyota Starlet and make that fun last with Toyota Approved maintenance.

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