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To state that the taxi industry forms the backbone of the economy in Mzansi is not an overstatement. It is by far the most popular form of transport in the country and moves thousands of people to and from work every single day. It is estimated that the industry is worth over R16 billion and to date, there are about 150 000 minibus taxis on the road.

There is a responsibility to ensure that any vehicle in the people mover segment ticks the necessary boxes: Safety, practicality, and affordability. However, Toyota has done more than just regard its latest Quantum Bus as a run-of-the-mill exercise. The manufacturer has introduced luxury and an enhanced sense of comfort to this range, elevating it above its competitors.

The latest Toyota Quantum Bus is available in 5 different variants:

  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB bus 11-seater GL
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 SLWB bus 14-seater GL
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 14-seater GL A/T
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB VX Bus 6s
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB bus 9-seater VX

In comparison to its peers, the Toyota Quantum Bus is equipped with exceptional innovation. The majority of this can be found in its driver-assist technologies. Models are fitted with everything from Hill-Assist Control to Vehicle-Stability Control. A standout feature is the Trailer Sway Control, which helps assist with stabilising a trailer.

All models have been fitted with a dynamic 2.8l engine that produces a fuel-efficient and comfortable drive. This engine variant is consistent throughout all the models in the range. Another impressive factor is the pricing of the Quantum Bus, especially considering the range of features that the vehicle has. The first model in the range retails for R758 200, whilst the Quantum Bus at the top of the range retails for R1 111 400.

Toyota Quantum Bus enthusiasts will no doubt notice the dramatic exterior overhaul. This style gives the model a feeling of luxury, but it is also a clever move by Toyota. The styling allows for more legroom and headroom in the cabin, affording the customer more comfort and space. The interior continues with the deluxe theme, offering motorists a choice between fabric and synthetic leather seats.

Let’s delve into this model’s accessories.


The Toyota Quantum Bus is equipped with a range of great accessories. Examples of these include.

Accessory: Purpose:
Nudge bar A common accessory on people carrier’s that protects smaller vehicles in the event of an accident.
Towbar Assists with transporting other vehicles such as trailers and caravans.
Towbar with wiring harness Ensure that the lights and electrics of the Quantum Bus are connected to the lighting board of the vehicle being towed.

Toyota Quantum Bus Interior Accessories

Accessory: Purpose:
Floor mats Protects the floor of the vehicle from dirt, wear, and tear.
Glove box/ Cubby hole A compartment in the front of the vehicle.
Dashboard cover clips Assists in protecting your dashboard from sun damage.


The popularity of the Toyota Quantum Bus means that there is bound to be plenty of parts available. Whilst the wide availability of parts is positive, motorists are always encouraged to seek Toyota Genuine Parts when maintaining their Quantum Bus. It is a surefire way for Toyota to guarantee the safety of your vehicle and keep it performing at an optimal level.

The benefits of making use of Toyota Genuine Parts are many. Not only does it assist with the eventual resale value of your vehicle, but it also protects and upholds the integrity of your Toyota Quantum Bus. Toyota Genuine Car Parts also come standard with a 12-month warranty.

Examples of Toyota Quantum Bus parts include:

  • Ait filter
  • Fan belt
  • Bonnet hinge

Ensure your Quantum remains reliable and safe by servicing your vehicle with an approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership. Book a service appointment with us here. It is also a great moment to view our parts and service specials.


By purchasing a Toyota Quantum Bus, your purchase comes standard with a service plan and warranty. Have a look at the parameters below (these are consistent with all the variants):

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service interval 12 months/ 10 000 km
Service plan 9 services/ 90 000 km
Warranty 3 years/ 100 000 km

Motorists also have the option to purchase a Genuine Unlimited Warranty. If you would like more information on this warranty, click here.

Type of warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 6-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 8-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 10-year unlimited kilometres


What type of engine is used in the Toyota Quantum?

This vehicle utilizes a powerful 2.8-litre engine.

What qualifies a vehicle as fuel efficient?

A vehicle that averages less than 6 litres per 100km may be considered fuel efficient.

Is there a maximum amount of weight that a Toyota Quantum can handle?

Yes, there is. This model can carry a maximum weight of 1 400 kg.

How many seats are available in the Toyota Quantum?

This is dependent on the variant that the motorist chooses. The maximum amount of seats available is 14.

Is there anything one can do to lower fuel consumption?

There are plenty of techniques that a driver can use to lower their consumption. Amongst them is to maintain a steady speed and accelerate gently.