22 Mar 2023


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Toyota Quantum Bus captured from the side

Several factors have contributed to the immense popularity of the brand Toyota. As one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, it understands the assignment when it comes to refinement, efficiency, safety, and innovation. But Toyota does not just owe its success due to a knack for assembling motor vehicles, there is another factor at play: Range

The brand has produced vehicles to cater to every need for those that are in the market for a car: SUVs, bakkies, sedans, coupes, and perhaps most importantly, people carriers. Despite efforts to ensure that vehicles are affordable to purchase (and maintain), it is obvious that not everyone has the financial muscle to buy their private vehicle. It is here where the Toyota People Movers are incredibly important.

Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile interior

The People Mover range serves predominantly as a mode of public transportation for thousands of South Africans that are excluded from the market. It is especially poignant for those who require a flexible method of getting around, as well as an inexpensive one. Where school buses are not available in certain areas you are bound to find our Hiace picking up (and dropping off) schoolchildren.

People movers are integral to tourism, as well. There are naturally difficult-to-reach areas in Mzansi that are made accessible by the range that we provide. Perhaps most important, however, is the fact that this range of vehicles provides significant employment opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to start their businesses. It is great to observe how a segment of vehicles has taken upon such significance.

Toyota Quantum interior view

Toyota’s People Mover range may be divided into 6 different families:

  • Toyota Rumion
  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile
  • Toyota Quantum Bus
  • Toyota Quantum Panel Van

Expect to find all the tick boxes marked off here. Space, affordability, as well as performance. Toyota has also zeroed down on the innovation factor with its range. This does not imply unnecessary tweaks, but an emphasis on safety (especially given the uses of these vehicles).

Let’s have a look at them more closely.


Toyota Quantum rear view mirror

Toyota Rumion

Toyota Rumion captured outside

One of the smaller members of the Toyota People Mover range, the Toyota Rumion is nonetheless still steeped in versatility and style. An immediate standout of this vehicle is its unique exterior design. It cannot be mistaken for any other variant. It is an interesting blend that is both modern and futuristic. It is also among the most fuel-efficient in this segment.

The current range is available in 5 different variants:

  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT

It is priced competitively, with the top-of-the-range Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX A/T only retailing at R343 200. A standout feature is the vehicle’s multiple rear seat arrangement. Despite being economical, this model is capable of producing up to 77kW of power and 138Nm of torque. It makes for a comfortable yet powerful drive.

Toyota Rumion interior view


Toyota Coaster captured on the road

There is quite a bit of history behind the Toyota Coaster, which was first introduced in 1969. The latest generation can accommodate up to 30 passengers and is ideal for long-distance journeys. The Toyota Coaster is unique amongst the range in that it is perfect for tourism and hospitality, even though it is versatile enough for other uses.

Despite the very practical use of the Toyota Coaster, this version is sleeker in appearance compared to its predecessors. It is currently available in 2 different variants:

  • Toyota Coaster 4.0D 23 Seater B/S
  • Toyota Coaster 2.8D GL A/T 23 Seater B/S

The entry-level model retails at R989 700, whilst the model at the top of the range comes in at R1 059 500. Impressive to note here is the emphasis that has been placed on heightening the driver's visibility with the wide window frames. Innovation and space can be found inside the 23-seater. Your passengers can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, USB, and onboard Wi-Fi courtesy of the MyToyota App.

Toyota Coaster Interior View

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace captured from the front

The Toyota Hiace is very popular in the South African market for reasons other than simple specs and features. Our freeways are a blur of minibus taxis transporting thousands of commuters to and from work daily. It is amongst the most durable and reliable of our People Mover range.

There is currently one variant available:

  • Toyota Quantum Hiace 2.5 D-4D 14 Seat

One term summarises this model perfectly: Purpose-built. There is no need for the bells, whistles and fancy adornments here. The model retails for R680 900 and is capable of up to 75kW of power and 260 Nm of torque. The Toyota Hiace has been fitted with a range of safety features, given its uses. Customers can expect everything from ABS, and Brake Assist to useful Vehicle-Stability Control.

Toyota Hiace interior

Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile

Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile captured from the front

Emblazoned with the South African flag on its side, the cousin to the Toyota Hiace enjoys just as much popularity. The Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is also built on the same Toyota values of reliability and quality, but there are a few differences to note. It is capable of up to 111kW of power and there is a petrol option available for consumers.

There are currently two variants available:

  • Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile
  • Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

Emphasis has been placed on safety with the Ses’fikile. Expect safety belts for everyone. Innovations such as Traction Control and Hill-Assist Control are also present here. Most impressive is the low fuel consumption and powerful yet easy driving experience that it offers. A Covid Driver Guard (shield) has also been installed to enhance the protection of the driver.

Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile interior view

Toyota Quantum Bus

Toyota Quantum Bus side profile

The Toyota Quantum Bus will leave an impression at first glance. The exterior marks a remarkable departure from the usual modelling that vehicles in this range are known for. It is angular and striking, and almost futuristic in appearance. It can also boast a terrific turbodiesel engine and is one of the most exciting performers here.

The current range is available in five different variants:

  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB bus 11-seater GL
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 SLWB bus 14-seater GL
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 14-seater GL A/T
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB VX Bus 6s
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB bus 9-seater VX

Prices for this model range from R758 200 to R1 111 400. It sits snugly upon great suspension and delivers a confident drive. The interior has also been assembled to emphasise space, and passengers can enjoy plenty of legroom.

Toyota Quantum Bus interior view

Toyota Quantum Panel Van

​The Toyota Quantum Panel Van shares many similarities with its sibling, the Quantum Bus. This model is predominately aimed at business purposes. It has been assembled to transport cargo, whilst the Quantum Bus has been designed to transport people.

It is currently available in three different variants:

  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 Panel van
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 LWB Crew Cab 6 Seater
  • Toyota Quantum 2.8 SLWB Panel van

Another noticeable difference is the single side door (assembled for loading and unloading cargo). It is, however, a formidable performer and is very economical.


What type of vehicle is referred to as a people mover?

Vehicles that have been designed to transport and accommodate many people are often referred to as people movers.

Are there only petrol and diesel variants available?

Customers abroad may have access to the Toyota Sienna, which is a hybrid offering.

How many seats are available in the Toyota Hiace?

This model typically offers 16 seats.

Is it possible that any mechanic can work on a hybrid vehicle?

It is recommended that you approach a hybrid-certified mechanic to ensure that your vehicle is carefully attended to.

Are there any other terms for people mover?

This type of vehicle is also often referred to as a people carrier.


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Toyota Rumion captured on the road

Toyota possesses an intimate knowledge of its market, and that is especially apparent when we observe the People Mover Range. It is not simply about assembling a vehicle to transport people around, but cargo too. Neither does it just ignore exterior aesthetics and rely on its practical underpinnings. Toyota pays attention to its customers, and ticks every want and need while it's at it. The People Mover Range is a triumph.

For more information on the People Mover Range, please visit our website here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us:


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