23 Feb 2023


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For a Toyota Land Cruiser 76 spec review, please watch the Youtube video below:

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Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Life is full of beautiful sights in the vast wilderness of the world. Most of these wonders are not accessible by normal cars or SUVs. Toyota realised this and created the iconic and steadfast Land Cruiser 76. Indestructible and ready for any obstacle that may come its way, the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is the ultimate off-roader for every situation.

Depending on your interest, the Land Cruiser 76 is available in two variants:

  • New Toyota Land Cruiser 78 4.2D S/W
  • New Toyota Land Cruiser 76 4.5D-4D LX V8 S/W

Ascend any mountain with the 151 KW V8 diesel engine of the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 which delivers an incredible 430 Nm of Torque

Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Imposing is definitely the right word to describe the exterior of the Land Cruiser 76. With a ground clearance of 230 mm and 16-inch alloy wheels, this rugged off-roader looks impressive as it explores the outdoors. Even with robust trail treaders, Toyota knows that accessibility is key. Halogen headlights light the way and aluminium side steps make life easier for you when you venture into the wondrous wild of our world.

Comfortable and spacious! What more do you want from the interior of the Land Cruiser 76? With a rear console and driver and front passenger seat back pockets, there is ample space for the small things that you want to bring along on your quest for adventure. Fit your whole family and lots of friends in the Land Cruiser 76 with the extra seats at the back that adds space for up to 5 more people.

Toyota Land Cruiser 76

This robust machine is not void of technology. Electrically adjustable windows, a navigation system, Miracast (Android), Auto Plus Show (Android) and Apple Car Play (iOS) will make your journey enjoyable as you trek into the bushveld.

Stay safe with the Land Cruiser 76’s anti-theft system, driver and passenger airbags, wireless door lock, and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

The Land Cruiser 76 is competitively priced with the 78 model costing R 818 300 while the V8 model is priced at R 963 400. Let’s have a look at this model’s accessories.


Toyota Land Cruiser 76

The Toyota Land Cruiser 76 comes equipped with a range of accessories. They are

Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Exterior Accessories

Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Accessory: Purpose:
Halogen headlights Help to light the way ahead
Black front grille Adds to the imposing factor of the vehicle
Aluminium side step Adds to the accessibility aspect of the vehicle

Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Interior Accessories

Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Interior Accessory

Accessory: Purpose:
Manual air-conditioning Keeps you cool while you explore
Two back benches Adds space for five more people
Manual front seat adjustment Helps keep you comfortable


Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Genuine Engine

Adding parts and features to your Land Cruiser 76 to better your adventure is a great idea if you use Toyota Genuine Car Parts. Using any other parts can be dangerous to your vehicle and thus limit your safety as well.

Why use Toyota Genuine Car Parts? They are crafted with precision and great attention to detail to achieve exceptional levels of fit and function. The parts are also extensively tested to comply with all the requirements and safety regulations

Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Wheel Bearings

Some examples of these genuine parts include:

  • Brake pads
  • Engine bearings
  • Oil filters
  • Wheel hubs and bearings

Book a service for your Toyota Land Cruiser 76 at your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota dealership where genuine parts will be utilized to keep your car in excellent condition. Please also have a look at our parts and service specials.


Toyota Land Cruiser 76

When you purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser 76, your vehicle will also come with a service plan and warranty. The parameters are the same for all the models in this range. Have a look at them below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service Plan Optional
Service Interval 12 months / 10 000km
Warranty 3 years/ 100 000km

Toyota has an additional Genuine Unlimited Warranty along with the above options

Type Of Warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Manufacturer Warranty 3 -years /100 000km


What is a Toyota Land Cruiser 76?

The Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is a 4x4 station wagon labelled as an off-road SUV.

How long can a Land Cruiser 76 Last?

It all depends on how you drive it and if you service your vehicle regularly.

What engine is used in the Toyota Land Cruiser 76

The Land Cruiser 76 model has a 151 KW V8 single turbo-diesel engine.

What are the signs that your timing belt needs to be changed?

You will hear a strange ticking noise from under the hood, your engine doesn’t start or the engine is misfiring while you are driving.


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Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Crafted for the roughness of the outdoors the tough and rugged Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is more than just another 4x4. Mountains, Valleys or simple dirt roads, the Land Cruiser 76 is the perfect adventure buddy for you with ample space for all of your family and friends.

For more information on the Toyota Land Cruiser 76, please download our brochure. Alternatively, contact us below.


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