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There is no way that one can navigate any road on Mzansi without spotting the famed Ses’fikile. The humble minibus taxi is the marrow of the South African economy, transporting thousands to and from work. It is for this reason that the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is one of the top 3 performing vehicles in the Toyota family.

It is also interesting to observe how the Ses’fikile also serves as an extension of the traditional Toyota values. Safety, practicality, and durability have always been the ethos of the Japanese manufacturer, and they feature prominently in the latest Ses’fikile. Our roads are littered with about 300 000 minibus taxis, and underpinning them with safety features is of the utmost importance. So while other competitors busy themselves with high-definition infotainment systems, Toyota has directed its energy to more practical areas, to great success.

A large portion of the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile’s safety features lies in its driver-assist innovations. Amongst them are Hill-Assist Control which assists with a smooth take-off on inclines. There is also Vehicle-Stability Control which helps with sharp corners and the recognizable Anti-lock braking system. In collaboration with the Brake Assist innovation, the taxi can stop promptly and safely to pick up passengers on the road. In the instance when the Ses’fikile is equipped with Traction control with keeps it stable on wet roads.

The interior also bears a noticeable inclusion with the COVID Driver Safety Guard. This is a great health precaution taken by Toyota to ensure the safety of its passengers. Whether the virus rears its head again, or not, there is assurance in knowing that everyone onboard is safe. Standard features include passenger and driver airbags (yes, even one for the “money counter”) and marked emergency exits.

Not too much has changed beneath the hood. The model has a choice of either a 2.7l petrol engine or a 2.5l turbo diesel engine. The drive is geared at being as economical and safe as possible. This range can also boast about having reduced emissions, a very poignant issue. The diesel variant in particular provides the more powerful drive between the two.

By locating your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership, you are also welcome to book a test drive. Nothing could top experiencing one of the most loved minibus taxis in person.

Let’s have a look at the two models in more detail.


New Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile

The first model in the range is the Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses’fikile. This model is equipped with 16 seats and 241 Nm of torque.

Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 20.7 seconds
Maximum power: 111kW
Standard features: Electric power steering, halogen headlamps

New Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

Next up is the Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses’fikile 16s. This model comes standard with a manual transmission and 260Nm of torque.

Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 25.4 seconds
Maximum power: 75kW
Standard features: Black side mirrors, COVID driver guard


Which model is better between the petrol and diesel variants?

Whilst both models are evenly-matched, the diesel-variant has additional torque, which makes it the slightly better performer of the two.

For how many years on average can the Toyota Hiace last?

This model can easily last up to 20 years with the correct maintenance.

Is this model a rear-wheel or front-wheel drive?

The Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is a rear-wheel drive.

What makes the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile a good choice?

The durability of this model is unmatched. Even after running up high kilometres, consumers can expect the same level of performance from the vehicle.

How many gears is the Ses’fikile equipped with?

This variant comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The very name “Ses’fkile” is taken from isiXhosa and means “We have already arrived”. It is extremely apt for Toyota to name one of its most renowned models in this way. The Ses’fikile pays homage to Toyota’s values of safety and practicality. The latest range is designed to ensure that passengers reach their destination not only in assurance but comfort as well.