We could always wax lyrical about what it is that makes one vehicle different from another. It is also relatively easy to draw comparisons around the price and specs of competitors and draw a winner from within the mix. But it is not often that a model has carved a unique place within culture, and that a great deal of its actual value lies there. This can be expressed in the humble minibus taxi.

Statistics have shown that the taxi industry in South Africa transports over 60% of our population to and from their destinations. It is not hyperbolic to state that the minibus taxi forms the backbone of Mzansi’s economy. Ensuring that access to them is of the utmost importance. It is here that the brand Toyota consistently understands the brief.

Emblazoned with the South African flag along its side, the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is a very recognizable figure on our roads. Toyota has ensured, with every release, that there is a certain focus when it comes to this range. Safety, practicality, and affordability take precedence. There is no room for bells and whistles here, and given the success of the variant, it has paid off handsomely.

The new Ses’fikile is available in two different models:

  • Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile
  • Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

Both models are available in a standard pearl white colour. There are visually pleasing changes that have been made to some of the exterior aesthetics of the variant. Most prominent are the radiator grille and the front bumper, which have both been given a tweak. The front headlamps and rear combination lamps are positioned to heighten the visibility of the vehicle, which is of great importance given the use of the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile.

Toyota has also knuckled down on the safety features in the interior of the model. There are standard features here in terms of clearly marked emergency exits, seatbelts, and airbags. The biggest standout would no doubt be the inclusion of the COVID safety guard. It is a poignant touch by the brand, especially given how devastating the virus has been to this sector specifically. By ensuring the safety of the driver, Toyota not only ensures that it remains compliant but also enlarges its considerable safety features.

A large majority of the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile’s features are dedicated to driver-assist technologies. Across both models, consumers have a smorgasbord worth of choice when it comes to Brake Assist, Traction Control, and Vehicle-Stability control innovations. They all underline Toyota’s promise of safety and ensure that the Ses’fikle can navigate any surface and possible situation. The recognizable ABS braking system is also here, which guarantees that the vehicle can stop safely (and inevitably ) on the side of the road.

It is important to note that the Ses’fikile is not designed to be a racehorse. The drive is stable, consistent, and most of all as frugal as possible. Consumers have the option between a 2.7l petrol engine or a 2.5 turbo diesel engine. Consumers who require additional torque should opt for the diesel variant. In comparison to other competitors in this segment, the Ses’fikile has been very affordably priced. The entry model retails for R512 700, whilst the Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses’fikile 16s weighs in at R544 700.

This model is also available for a test drive. By locating your nearest approved CFAO Toyota Dealership, we encourage you to book an appointment with us.

Let’s explore the two variants in more detail.


This section will detail the variants in terms of price, performance, and standout features.

Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile

The first model in our range is the Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses’fikile. This model comes standard with 111kW of power and 241Nm of torque.

Cash price: R512 700
Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 20.7 seconds
Standout features: Halogen headlamps, electric power steering

Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

Next up is the Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses’fikile 16s. This model is equipped with 75kW of power and 260Nm of torque.

Cash price:R544 700
Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h):25.4 seconds
Standout features:Front and rear mudguards, COVID Driver Guard


How many kilometres can a Toyota Hiace expect to do?

A review from has revealed that the Toyota Hiace can run up to 1 million km.

Is the Toyota Hiace a reliable vehicle?

Toyotas have a reputation for being reliable, and the Toyota Hiace is no different. It is one of the most dependable variants currently on the market.

Which country manufactures the Toyota Hiace?

The model is assembled in Japan.

Is the Toyota Hiace a 4WD?

Unfortunately, the current range is only available in rear-wheel drive.

Is it possible to stand in a Toyota Hiace?

It will be a tight squeeze, but it is possible to stand in the minibus. The model is designed for seated passengers.

Whether it comes to racing down a motorway at 200km/h, or having a sunroof that could tilt and slide off, Toyota is unbothered. The ace up its motoring sleeve is simple practicality, safety, and affordability. Perhaps this is where competitors need to look, and possibly take notes.