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There is a very good reason why the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile has become as popular as it has. The humble minibus taxi is woven tightly into the fabric of South African society. Thousands of commuters are transported daily with them, and the importance of these vehicles cannot be disputed. For those who may not be able to afford a vehicle, there is a taxi.

It is important then, that every aspect of this important market is cracked. Whether it be the vehicle features, price, or availability, ensuring that consumers have continuous access to the Ses’fikile is very important. The current range is available in 2 different variants:

  • Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile
  • Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

One of the biggest standouts as we peruse the features of the model is how practical the innovation has been made. It is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Let’s have a look at these options more closely.


The Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile has been given small exterior touches to egg it into a more modern space. The radiator grille and front bumper have both received noticeable facelifts, but these are not just for the sake of aesthetics. The position of both is to emphasize the rear combination lamps as well as the front headlamps. These elements now enjoy an increased sense of visibility on the road, which is good for two reasons: Not only will motorists be able to see your minibus taxi coming, but so will your passengers.

The model is available in pearl white, a recognizable feature for consumers who normally commute with a minibus taxi. Let’s have a look at the interior features.


Echoing what we have observed with the exterior, the interior of the Ses’fikile is focused on passenger safety. There are safety belts for every occupant, as well as emergency exits installed on the roof and windows (these are all also clearly marked). There are also airbags for the passengers seated in the front of the Ses’fikile, including one for the “money counter”. Space has also been optimized here, with the range available in a maximum of 16 seats.

The most noticeable interior standout of the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile would be the inclusion of a COVID driver safety guard. This guard increases the protection of the driver during the drive. This is an important precaution feature, regardless of whether the COVID virus is at its peak or not. Additional standouts include the PVC flooring, which is useful for passengers to prevent anyone from slipping during the journey.

If you would like more information on the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile, please download our brochure here. This range is also available for a test drive. Book an appointment with us by locating your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership.

Let’s have a look at the interior and exterior options in further detail.


This section will detail the individual models in the range and their respective interior and exterior options.

Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses'fikile

First up is the Toyota Hiace 2.7 Ses’fikile. This model has 4 doors and is equipped with 111kW of torque.

Exterior Features: Side steps, front and rear black mudguards
Interior Features: Electric power steering, room lamps

Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses'fikile 16s

The second vehicle is the Toyota Hiace 2.5D-4D Ses’fikile 16s. This model has 16 seats and 260Nm of torque.

Exterior Features: LED high-mounted brake light, black side mirrors
Interior Features: Four speakers, analogue speedometer


How many adults can sit comfortably in the Toyota Hiace?

A total number of 16 adults will be able to sit in the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile.

Is the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile a comfortable vehicle?

Absolutely. The vehicle is both stylish and comfortable.

What makes the Toyota Hiace model stand out from its competitors?

Above all, it is incredibly reliable. This is an important standout considering the uses of the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile.

Which country manufactures the Toyota Hiace?

This model is assembled in Japan.

Which variant of the Hiace is the largest?

By comparing all the models currently available on the market, the Toyota Hiace LWB van is the largest.

Regardless of the heights that are constantly being reached when it comes to motoring innovation, the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is proof that the Japanese manufacturer is unbothered with its peers. There is no interest in being over the top. The Ses’fikile only enlarges on its promises to keep passengers safe, sound, and comfortable.

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