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14 Mar 2023


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Toyota Hiace captured from behind

No doubt, every variation of a motor vehicle assembled serves a unique purpose and significance to its target market. But none can boast about having quite the niche as one particular Toyota Hiace. It shares space with its cousin, the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile, and together they form the heartbeat of the South African economy.

The Hiace transports thousands of members of the Mzansi workforce to and from their places of employment daily. To state that this model is utterly important is not reaching, it is a fact. Our freeways are filled with a blur of minibus taxis, and you are bound to find a Toyota Hiace in the midst of it.

Toyota Hiace captured from the front

Our people mover has grown to become crucial to the functioning of the South African economy. Not only does it provide transport to people who cannot afford a private mode of transport, but it provides transport to the very drivers who operate it. As a facilitator of trade and commerce, the Toyota Hiace forms part of an operation that accounts for up to 20% of Mzansi’s GDP.

The current range is available in one variant:

  • Toyota Quantum Hiace 2.5 D-4D 14 Seat

Toyota Hiace captured from the side

Given the popularity of this model, brand Toyota has ensured that it remains affordable and economical. The available model is available for only R680 900. The range of financing options available ensures that taxi operators can acquire the latest Toyota Hiace, especially with its spread of safety and performance innovations.

Similar to its sibling, the Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile has a standard fitment of safety features. Motorists can expect ABS and Brake Assist technologies, which are of great importance for any people mover. Also available are Hill Assist and Vehicle-Stability control, as well as Traction Control. The last feature is especially useful in keeping the vehicle stable on slippery surfaces.

Toyota Hiace interior

The exterior of the people mover has not had a dramatic overhaul. It remains recognisable, but there have been slight adjustments. The Toyota Hiace boasts a redesigned radiator grille and front bumper, and its interior has been optimised. The 2.5l diesel-driven engine delivers an effortless performance.

Let’s explore this model's accessories.



Our Toyota Hiace range comes available in a range of accessories. These include

Toyota Hiace Exterior Accessories

Toyota Hiace exterior accessory

Accessory: Purpose:
Bonnet Guard An accessory that is designed to fit in front of your bonnet protecting it from chips and debris.
Rear Roof Spoiler This accessory optimises the braking ability and traction of the vehicle.
LED Tail Light Enhances the visibility of your people mover on the road, especially for vehicles behind you.

Toyota Hiace Interior Accessories

Toyota Hiace interior view

Accessory: Purpose:
Vehicle Mats Protects the Hiace from dirt, wear, and tear
Sliding Door Inner Handle Assists commuters/passengers with gaining access to, or leaving the vehicle.
Pedal Pad A useful accessory that assists you with gripping the pedals on your vehicle securely.

To obtain more information on this model’s accessories, please click here.


Toyota Hiace engine

The importance of using Toyota Genuine Car Parts cannot be impressed enough. There is a very real danger in using any other part, as the safety of your people mover cannot be guaranteed. Ensure the safety of your passengers by insisting that only genuine parts are used.

There are great benefits to using genuine parts. It plays a significant part in the resale value of your Hiace and comes standard with a 12-month warranty.

Toyota car parts

Examples of different Toyota Hiace parts include:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Headlights
  • Stabilizer bars

Servicing your Toyota Hiace with an approved CFAO Mobility Toyota Dealership is a guarantee that genuine parts will be used. Schedule an appointment with us here. We also have great service and parts specials available!


Toyota dealership captured from the road

Buying a Toyota Hiace model comes standard with a service plan and warranty. Peruse the parameters for the latest model below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service Plan 9 services/ 90 000km
Service Intervals 12 months/ 10 000km
Warranty 3 years/ 100 000km


For how many km can a Toyota Hiace last?

Toyota is known for its durability. Motorists can expect the Hiace to go for over 200 000kms.

Is there any significant meaning behind the term Hiace?

The name is a combination of the words “ace” and “high”. It is significant in that it surpasses the model that came before it, the Toyoace.

Does the Toyota Hiace have the ability to go off-road?

A variant, known as the High roof model, has great off-road capabilities.

Is the Toyota Hiace an easy model to drive?

Absolutely. The model is easy to operate and a pleasure to drive.

Are diesel variants better than petrol ones?

Ultimately, diesel variants can produce more torque and are more fuel efficient.


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Toyota Hiace interior

It is very easy to join the throng of motorists who heap praise upon the abilities of the latest Toyota Hiace. However, it is Toyota’s continuous upkeep of its after-sales segment that is also worth mentioning. It is every bit as affordable and trustworthy as the very model that it has assembled.

For more information on the Toyota Hiace, please download our brochure here. Alternatively, contact us via email:


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