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24 Jan 2023


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Imagine having a motorsports history dating back to more than 60 years. Toyota’s built its GR legacy through the years with blood, sweat and motor oil. To symbolize the meaning of “Roads build people”, Toyota has redefined what their cars stand for again and again. Be it on the track or the road, for commercial use or personal pleasure, Toyota designs its cars with the people in mind.

Gazoo Racing is at the forefront of Toyota’s sports car designs. They aim to apply all of their knowledge and experience on the track to your average car on the road, making its tires roar with performance, style and speed. The Toyota GR86 is no exception to this aim.

Evolving from simply Toyota 86 to Toyota GR86, this vehicle is the epitome of class, speed and a thrilling performance that will leave you grinning with excitement.

The Toyota GR86 is available in 2 models based on transmission type:

  • Toyota GR86 6MT
  • Toyota GR86 6AT


The first sign of the GR86 being not just another model but a supermodel is its sleek silhouette, sharp profile and defined exterior lines. Its added features include the GR G-mesh grill that smiles with pride, full LED headlights designed with adaptive cornering technology, and lightweight matte-black 18” alloy wheels to make sure you drift in style.

Feel like the king of the road on your all-black leather and suede silver-trimmed throne behind the steering wheel of the Toyota GR86. Know everything with the high-resolution 7” multi-information display which also serves as the monitor for the GR86’s reverse camera as well as the custom-designed Track Mode meter which displays a shift indicator, oil and water temperature and a lap timer.

Toyota GR86 interior

The GR86 features 4 heated seats to keep you warm when you are skidding on winter roads with its naturally aspirated 2.4-litre flat-four petrol engine. Adaptive cruise control, air conditioner, BlueTooth speakers and Android Auto & Apple CarPlay will make your experience in the GR86 feel more interactive.

Are you looking for a performance masterpiece that goes from 0-100km in 6.4 secs? Or a vehicle with a 9.5-litre fuel consumption? Then the Toyota GR86 is the car for you. With a 174kW @ 700 r/min engine and 250Nm peak torque @ 3700 rpm, you will never be able to stop driving.

Toyota GR86

As the GR86 is still a proud Toyota, it has various features to ensure your safety as you speed along the track. This includes Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Keeping System and Brake Assist.

The Toyota GR86 is priced competitively with the manual transmission model retailing at R 712 100 and the automatic transmission model retailing at R 748 400. For more information check out the Toyota GR86 Brochure. This model is also available for a thrilling test drive when you locate your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership here.

Let’s explore the two models more closely


Toyota GR86

This section will go into more detail about the Toyota GR86 variants according to price, performance and standout features.

Toyota GR86 6MT

Toyota GR86 6MT

The first model of the Toyota GR86 is the GR86 6MT. This model comes equipped with a manual transmission and a push start button.

Cash Price: R 712 100
Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 6.4 seconds
Standout Features: Brake Assist and heated seats

Toyota GR86 6AT

Toyota GR86 6AT

The second model is the Toyota GR86 6AT. This variant is designed with an automatic transmission and adaptive speed control.

Cash Price: R 748 400
Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 6.8 seconds
Standout Features: Lane-keeping system and reverse camera


Is the GR86 worth it?

For a thrilling sports car, it is definitely worth your while.

Is the GR86 a fun drive?

Yes. With Plenty of Cornering grip, balance, sharp steering and the feeling of a king on the track make the GR86 an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

Does the GR86 make any noise?

Absolutely, the GR86 feeds the engine’s sound back into the cabin enhancing on the feel of a classic sports car.

Do you need to be short to fit into the GR86?

No, but tall people have to squeeze a bit to fit comfortably in the GR86.

Can the Toyota GR86 drift?

Oh yes! The GR86 was designed to put a broad smile on your face with its drifting.


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Toyota GR86 on the track

Feel the exhilaration of the Toyota GR86 as you defeat the roads with a vehicle rich in a legacy of performance. The re-imagination of the classic sports car, the GR86 comes with the delight of luxury in the midst of power. With a comfortable interior, a sleek exterior and innovative technology directly from the track, the GR86 will leave you breathless.

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