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24 Jan 2023


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If you would like to obtain an interior review of the Toyota GR86 please watch the YouTube video below:

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The interior of the Toyota GR86

Building on the legacy of Toyota sports coupé the Toyota G86 is a second-generation performance masterpiece. With all-new design and technology straight from Toyota’s track experts, Gazoo Razing, the GR86 leaves its predecessor in the dust.

The GR86 is a beast that never allows you to stop. It embodies the attributes of speed, power, stability, and comfort to say the least.

Like with every Toyota, the GR86 comes equipped with various safety Features such as ABS, Lane Tracker and Brake Assist just to name a few.

Toyota GR86 Interior

The GR86 is released in two models mainly based on their transmission type. They are the:

  • Toyota GR86 6MT
  • Toyota GR86 6AT

Let’s inspect the interior and exterior features in more detail.

Toyota GR86 Exterior Overview

Toyota GR86 Exterior

Chiselled for speed, the Toyota GR86 has an aerodynamic body that can put an aeroplane to shame. With a sharper and sleeker profile, the GR86 has an impressive silhouette even when seen from afar.

At a closer glance, you will see the GR-specific mesh grill and full LED headlights with an Auto High Beam function that will adjust the brightness of the lights when oncoming traffic is detected.

Looking even closer you can spot the GR badges on the front grill and boot lid marking the GR86 as a proud member of the GR family.

Bending your head to look at the bottom of the beast you may notice air outlets behind the front wheels to allow trapped air to escape the rolling wheels of the GR86.

Toyota GR86 Interior Overview

Toyota GR86 Interior

Behind the driver’s seat, The Toyota GR86 is not just a stunning performer, but one coated in luxury and comfort. With the classic feel of a sports car, the GR86 has all-black seats with silver trimming that adds to the luxury of the vehicle. The seats are designed to grip you tightly when you drift around corners.

To enhance the thrilling interior above, the GR86 is decorated with GR badges on the steering wheel, push start button and Smart Key which reminds you of the vehicle’s racing-inspired origin.

Toyota GR86 Interior

For the tech-enthusiasts, the GR86 has a 7” multi-information display which doubles as a monitor for the vehicle’s reverse camera as well as a custom-designed Track Mode that displays the GR86’s shift indicator, oil and water temperatures as well as a lap timer.

If you would like more information on the Toyota GR86, please download our brochure. Book a thrilling test drive by locating your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership.

Let’s browse the models more closely


Toyota GR86 Exterior

Toyota GR86 6MT


The first model of the exhilarating GR86 is the GR86 6MT. This model comes equipped with a manual transmission.

Exterior Features: Color-coded front bumper and outside door handles
Interior Features: Leather and Suede seat trims as well as front and back seat heaters

Toyota GR86 6AT

Toyota GR86

The second model of the Toyota GR86 is the GR86 6AT. This model is designed with an automatic transmission.

Exterior Features: Color-coded blind spot monitor, power retractable side mirrors.
Interior Features: Adaptive Cruise Control and dual-zone air conditioner.


How many seats do the Toyota GR86 have?

The GR86 has 4 seats, two front and two rear.

Does the GR86 have any blind spots?

The GR86 comes equipped with Blind Spot Detection which warns you when a car enters the GR86’s blind spot.

Does the Toyota GR86 come equipped with a Sunroof?

No, The GR86 was not designed to have a sunroof.

Are the GR86’s seats heated?

Yes, All four seats of the GR86 are heated.


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Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86 roars with style on the outside and inside. With a daunting silhouette streamlined for speed, the GR86 is a sight to behold. Its classic sports car interior trimmed with silver will make you never want to leave the driver’s seat.

The second-generation GR86 is housed in Toyota’s brilliant legacy of sports coupés.

For more information on the Toyota GR86, please download our brochure. Alternatively, contact us below:


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