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24 Jan 2023


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Toyota GR86

Toyota has outdone itself again. The Toyota GR86 is the ultimate blend of sport and luxury. Living up to Toyota’s legacy of quality sports coupés the GR86 leaves its predecessor in the dust. The GR86 is designed by Toyota’s racing division, Gazoo Racing, to perform on the track as well as on the road.

The Toyota GR86 is released in the following models:

  • GR86 6MT
  • GR86 6AT

Sleek, sharp and elegant, the Toyota GR86’s aerodynamic profile is made for action. Speed without stability is not worth it. The GR86 has added devices that increase the vehicle's stability as you speed around the corners enjoying the thrill. Full LED headlights and GR badges that mark the vehicle as authentic GR craftsmanship is some additional exterior features of the GR86.

Toyota GR86 Interior

As you sit in the all-black leather and suede, silver trimmed driver’s seat of the GR86, you are in complete control of this thrilling experience. The seats are breathable and even grip you as you swerve around tight corners. To enhance the feeling of power the GR86 has a high-resolution 7” multi-information display that serves as the monitor of its reverse camera and stats tracking system which displays a shift indicator, oil and water temperatures as well as a lap timer.

To say that the GR86 is a performance beast is an understatement. With the official motto of “All Torque, All Action the GR86 is crafted to deliver maximum performance on the track as well as on the road. This is especially true with its innovative, larger capacity and naturally aspirated 2.4l flat-four petrol engine which generates 174kW @7000 r/min that will have your heart racing along with the car.

Toyota GR86_Back shot

Being one of the lightest sports cars on the market the GR86 is competitively priced. The manual transmission model goes for R712 100 while the automatic transmission model is priced at R748 400.

What is a Toyota without safety features? The GR86 comes equipped with various safety features which include but are not limited to Anti-lock Brakes, Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Hill Assist Control.

Let’s go into detail on the accessories of the GR86.


GR86 Exhaust

The Toyota GR86 comes equipped with a range of accessories that compliments the exhilarating feel of the vehicle.

Toyota GR86 Exterior Accessories

The matte black wheels of the GR86

Accessory: Purpose:
18” alloy matte-black wheels Enhances the style of the GR86
Adaptive LED headlights with Auto High Beam Automatically switchesbetween high and low beams when oncoming traffic is detected
Colour coded front and back bumpers Assists in keeping the GR86 classy

Toyota GR86 Interior Accessories

Multi-Information display screen

Accessory: Purpose:
Heated seats Keeping you warm as you drift on snowy roads
Reverse Camera Assists in keeping an eye on the road behind you
Cruise Control Assists in maintaining appropriate speeds
Hill assist control Assists with ascending hills or slopes


GR86 Exterior Parts

Everyone wants to add a little bit of their own style to their sports cars. This is dangerous because Toyota cannot guarantee your safety if you don’t use Toyota genuine parts to maintain your GR86. We encourage you to ensure your safety on the road by using Toyota Genuine Car Parts.

What are the benefits of using Toyota Genuine Car Parts?

Toyota Genuine Parts are crafted with precision and attention to detail that makes a significant contribution to your Gr86’s Value and integrity.

GR86 Exterior Parts

Examples of Toyota GR86 parts include:

  • Brake pads
  • Engine bearings
  • Oil filters
  • Wheel hubs and bearings

Ensure that genuine parts are used to service your car by booking a service appointment at your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership. Also, view our genuine parts and service specials that we currently have available.


Toyota GR86

Your Toyota GR86 is sold with a service plan and warranty. The parameters are the same for both models in this range.

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service Plan 4 Services / 60 000km
Service Interval 12 Months / 15 000km
Warranty 3 Years / 100 000km

Toyota has an additional Genuine Unlimited Warranty along with the above options. For more information please click here.

Type Of Warranty: Toyota Warranty
Parameters: 3-years /100 000km


How often should I change my GR86’s oil?

Toyota recommends changing your GR86’s oil every 4 800 to 8000 kilometres.

How many years is a basic Toyota Warranty?

3 years /100 000km. Whichever comes first.

Is the Toyota GR86 a reliable vehicle?

Yes, The GR86 is created with reliability, safety and pique performance in mind.


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Toyota GR86 in action

The Toyota GR86 is all about turning performance into a thrilling experience. With a sleek, modern exterior and a luxurious interior that reflects a reimagination of a classic sports car, the GR86 is a stunning beast that will make you want more. Even a beast needs to be maintained. Maintain your GR86 with Toyota’s excellent service and after-sales plans.

For more information on the Toyota GR86, download our brochure. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via our email:


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