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24 Jan 2023


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Exterior view of the Toyota GR Yaris

It could be easy to overlook the prestigious performance segment of the brand Toyota. As one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world, it has entered a realm wherein we associate Toyota with certain qualities: Safety, reliability, and of course, durability.

There is nothing wrong with this assumption, but it does not encompass all that is on Toyota’s list of offerings. Every vehicle that carries the GR badge underlines this point. Toyota has been assembling a range of top-notch performance vehicles, and the GR Yaris is one of the flagship models leading the pack.

Apart from coming equipped with a stunning array of performance features, the Toyota GR Yaris is also doing more important work. It is changing the perception of recognizable names. The traditional Toyota Yaris is not normally associated for its ability to drift with ease on a race track, until now.

Toyota GR Yaris captured outside

There is currently one variant available in the Toyota GR Yaris Range:

  • Toyota GR Yaris Rally 1.6T

This may be neatly subdivided into two further models: The Toyota GR Yaris and the Toyota GR Yaris Rally. Assembled in the spirit of the famed Gazoo Racing (the performance segment of Toyota) there are some amazing engineering efforts that we can observe with this model.

Aligning with all models in this segment, the GR Yaris is lightweight and solid on the track. The range is equipped with a 1.6l, 3-cylinder engine. The engine itself comes standard with a turbocharger and emits a torque output of up to 360Nm. It is a stunning achievement. It has also given the Toyota GR Yaris the distinction of being the most powerful 3-cylinder production engine in the world.

Interior view of Toyota GR Yaris

There is also a marriage of a 6-speed manual transmission drive with an all-wheel drive system. This is a necessary addition, as the all-wheel drive allows the torque of the vehicle to be distributed evenly. The results? The Toyota GR Yaris can race to 100km/h in a mere 5.5 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 230km/h. It is on par with its peers on the racetrack and surpasses a few.

The design of this model also heightens its performance on the road. A standout in its assembly is the inclusion of a low-weight Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer roof (CFRP) which is useful in elevating the model’s execution on the track. There are also 18” alloy rims and striking LED-powered headlights.

The interior of the Toyota GR Yaris is embossed in luxury. Expect a leather steering wheel, body-hugging sports seats, and aluminium sports pedals.

Let’s have a look at this model's accessories.


View of Toyota car parts

The Toyota GR Yaris comes equipped with a range of accessories. These include

Toyota GR Yaris Exterior Accessories

Exterior view of Toyota GR Yaris

Accessory: Purpose:
Headlights Accessories found in the front of the vehicle to assist in illuminating the road.
Side Mirrors Assist with helping the motorist observe areas behind and at the side of the vehicle.
Rear Spoiler The primary function of this accessory is to lessen the air drag.

Toyota GR Yaris Interior Accessories

Interior view of Toyota GR Yaris

Accessory: Purpose:
Reverse camera A camera that assists in helping the motorist view the rear of the vehicle.
Steering wheel An accessory that helps the motorist steer a vehicle.
Air conditioner Provides cold air inside a vehicle.

If you would like more information on this model's accessories, click here.


Interior view of Toyota GR Yaris

It can be very tempting to obtain alternative parts elsewhere when servicing your Toyota GR Yaris. There is a vast availability of parts due to the brand's popularity. There is a danger associated with this, as Toyota cannot guarantee the safety of your GR Yaris if you do make use of non-genuine parts.

It is always encouraged to make use of Toyota Genuine Parts. This is a fail-safe choice as the use of genuine parts can ensure everything from the continued reliability of your vehicle, down to even its resale value. The further benefit of utilising genuine Toyota parts is that it comes standard with a 12-month warranty.

Toyota GR Yaris captured outside

Examples of Toyota GR Yaris parts include:

  • Floor mats
  • Intercooler Kit Water Spray
  • Toyota Genuine GR Door Stabilizer

There is a 100% certainty that genuine Toyota parts will be used when you service your vehicle through an approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership. Schedule an appointment with us here. Please also view our parts and service specials!


Interior view of the Toyota GR Yaris

The purchase of a Toyota GR Yaris comes standard with service and warranty plans. Have a look at the parameters below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service Plan 9 services/ 90 000km
Service Interval 10 000km
Warranty 3 years/ 100 000km

Motorists also have the option of choosing a Genuine Unlimited Warranty. To obtain more information on this warranty, click here.

Type Of Warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 6-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 8-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 10-year unlimited kilometres


Is it possible to drive a Toyota GR Yaris every day?

Absolutely. The GR Yaris may excel on the racetrack but it is possible to drive it every day.

Is there a certain type of oil that the GR Yaris uses?

Yes. The GR Yaris uses Synthetic SP 0W-20 Motor Oil.

What makes the Toyota GR Yaris worth the purchase?

Despite its obvious racing abilities, the GR Yaris is an exciting ride. It is also possible to drive it every day, unlike other variants in this segment.

Who assembles the engine of the GR Yaris?

The engine is produced by Gazoo Racing.


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Interior view of the Toyota GR Yaris

The brand Toyota may have made noticeable strides in its addition to the performance segment, but its after-sales service has not been neglected. Motorists can expect to find plenty of inexpensive options to ensure that their vehicle performs at an optimal level.

For more information on the Toyota GR Yaris, download our brochure here. Alternatively, please contact us via email:


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