27 Jan 2023

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Toyota GR Supra

Enter the realm of outstanding performance with the new Toyota GR Supra. Building on generations of Supra’s, the GR model reimagines what it means to be super. Gazoo Racing, Toyota‘s racing division looked at the Supra and wondered how can they improve an already existing legend and delivered a machine that will make you shiver in awe.

Explore the GR Supra with three new variants:

  • Toyota GR Supra 3.0T
  • Toyota GR Supra 3.0T A/T

Toyota GR Supra performing

What is performance? The GR Supra was rebuilt from the ground up to give you that answer. With Its front-mounted 3l turbocharged direct-injection straight 6-cylinder petrol engine, the GR Supra produces 285 kW of unparalleled power between 5000 - 6500 r/min and 500 Nm of torque between 1800 - 5000 r/min.

Normal sports cars focus on how the car performs in a straight line. The Supra aims to be different. The lack of rear seats gives the GR Supra a perfect wheelbase-to-track ratio of 1:6 and a 50/50 weight distribution which allows for sharp and precise handling, stability and agility during exhilarating cornering manoeuvres.

Toyota GR Supra

Owning the road through innovative and dynamic design, the Toyota GR Supra has an exterior with sharp decisive lines that heightens its athletic look and feel. Although the GR Supra aims to go beyond what defines a normal sports car it still built its design on classic sports car styling with its rearward-slanting cabin silhouette and forward-slanting underbody.

In the cockpit of the GR Supra, you will be seated on specially sculpted sports seats which feature an exquisite combination of Alcantara and genuine leather material with seat heating and electronic adjustments. At your fingertips will be a plethora of information displayed on the Heads-Up Display such as speed and navigation.

Toyota GR Supra

Even a supercar needs safety features. The GR Supra is no exception! With adaptive cruise control, which helps you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and Lane change assist which informs you when lanes are safe to move into, the GR Supra has your safety in mind as you perform on the roads.

The Toyota GR Supra is competitively priced with the entry-level model beginning at R1 488 400 and the top-of-the-range model going for R1 524 400. Let’s have a look at this model’s accessories.


Toyota GR Supra Alloy Wheel

The Toyota GR Supra comes equipped with a range of accessories. This section will detail them according to accessory and purpose.

Toyota GR Supra Exterior Accessories

Toyota GR Supra Exterior

Accessory: Purpose:
Full LED Auto high-beam headlights Allow you to see clearly in night time
Colour-coded door handles Assists in keeping the style of the GR Supra
Heated & power-retractable side mirrors Adds to the smart technology in the vehicle

Toyota GR Supra Interior Accessories

Toyota GR Supra Interior

Accessory: Purpose:
Tyre pressure monitor Assists in giving information about the pressure in your tyres
Anti-theft system Warns you when somebody is trying to steal your GR Supra
Wireless Charger Allows you to charge your Smartphone without needing a charging cable
Adaptive Cruise Contro Keeps you a safe distance from the cars in front of you.


Toyota GR Supra Interior

People love to “pump up” their sports cars with customised parts and features. This can be dangerous as Toyota cannot guarantee your safety in your GR Supra if don’t use genuine parts to service your vehicle. We will always encourage you to use Toyota Genuine Car Parts to ensure your safety in your vehicle.

One benefit of using Toyota original parts is that they are covered by a 12-month warranty and also serve as the only replacement parts that will not negatively impact the validity of your Toyota’s warranty. Another benefit of using genuine parts is that They are put through extensive testing to make sure that they comply with all the safety and environmental requirements.

Toyota GR Supra Engine

Some examples of these genuine parts include:

  • Brake pads
  • Engine bearings
  • Oil filters
  • Wheel hubs and bearings

Book a service for your Toyota at your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota dealership where genuine parts will be utilized. Please also view our parts and service specials.


Toyota GR Logo on GR Supra

When you purchase a Toyota GR Supra, your vehicle will also come with a service plan and warranty. The parameters are the same for all the models in this range. Have a look at them below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service Plan 5 Services / 100 000km
Service Interval 12 months / 20 000km
Warranty 3 years / 100 000km

Toyota has an additional Genuine Unlimited Warranty along with the above options

Type Of Warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Warranty 3 -years /100 000km


Is the GR Supra worth the money?

The GR Supra is a high-quality, stylish, redesigned sports car that is competitively priced.

What were the Supras called in Japan?

The Toyota Supra was sold as the Celica XX in some dealerships and as the Celica Supra in others.

Can a GR Supra be luxurious?

The Toyota GR Supra is fitted with a luxurious interior but still has the feel of a classic sports car.

How long does a GR Supra last?

The GR Supra can last between hours and years, depending on your driving style.


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Super GR Supra

Redefining what it means to be super, the Toyota GR Supra is built from the ground up to roar with elegant power and style. With a sharp, aggressive exterior and a technologically advanced interior, the GR Supra will make you feel like you own the roads. Even a vehicle this iconic needs to be serviced and maintained. Maintain your GR Supra with Toyota’s excellent service and after-sales plans.

For more information on the Toyota GR Supra, please download our brochure. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via email:


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