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11 Jan 2023



The famous GR range needs no introduction. Drawing inspiration from the racetrack to the roads, Toyota’s Gazoo Racing has always combined passion and power with performance and comfort. With the Toyota GR Range, you can feel the power of a race car without actually being in one.

“For Drivers Who Love to Drive” is their classic motto that reflects in every model they bring out. The Toyota GR Range is all about creating sports cars for the road from the track.

With technology and experience incorporated from the racetrack into the GR Range, you will never want to stop driving. Extreme performance with extreme comfort. It is an unbeatable feeling that only the Toyota GR Range can give you.

GR branded interior

Just because the GR Range comes from the race track it doesn’t mean that safety is thrown out of the window. The reverse is true. The GR range not only draws inspiration from the track, but also from the safety features of the rally cars. Safety is a top priority on the track. The Toyota GR Range brings that priority to the road as well. Toyota has always focused on the safety of its cars. The GR Range enhances that safety and combines it with the performance and power of the track.

Toyota GR signage on their new models

The two new models to the GR Fleet that will be explored in this article include:

  • Toyota GR Yaris
  • Toyota GR86

If you want more information on the Toyota GR Range, please visit our website. Both new models are also available for a test drive. Locate your nearest approved VFAO Motors Toyota Dealership to book an appointment with us.


Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a classic among car enthusiasts. You would think that any changes will compromise the brand and that no improvements can be made to the small car favourite. The Toyota GR Yaris will surprise the socks off your feet. Created with inspiration from the racetrack, Toyota has reimagined one of its flagship models. The name Yaris will not just be associated with a small city car, but now with a small but powerful speedster.

The GR Yaris roars from the hood with one of the most powerful production 3-cylinder engines in the world. With innovative racing technology inside and outside the GR Yaris only speaks peak performance. More aerodynamic than any of its predecessors the Toyota GR Yaris will zip by you on the road with style. The rear roof spoiler and widened rear truly reflect the new era of Yaris.

The widened rear and roof spoiler of the Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris is not only for the performance-crazed. It caters for the classy as well. With an interior that will make you feel as comfortable as on your couch at home. The only difference is the genuine leather steering wheel before you and the matching leather shift lever knob at your side.

The stylish interior of the Toyota GR Yaris

Not only fast and classy but smart as well. Fingertip controls, audio and telephone controls on the steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, and a GR Push Start button will make please any tech enthusiast.

The Toyota GR Yaris has many safety features installed as safety is one of Toyota’s top qualities and promises. These include a Brake assist, A Tyre Pressure Monitor. Hill-Assist Control and Vehicle-Stability Control.

The Toyota GR Yaris comes in two different variants:

  • The Toyota GR Yaris
  • The Toyota GR Yaris Rally

The Rally edition focuses more on safety than the normal version. As always Toyota takes pride in the safety of its cars.

The Toyota GR Yaris is competitively priced. With all of the above-mentioned features and more, it will surprise you every time you push the GR-branded start button.

For more information on the Toyota GR Yaris click here.

Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86

The second-generation model of the Toyota GR86 is here and it’s growling. With more power and all the torque, the GR86 continues Toyota’s iconic legacy of sports coupes.

To simply say that the GR86 is a beast is an understatement. Sharper, stronger suspension, low centre of gravity and lightweight to boot. The Toyota GR86 leaves its predecessor in the dust on the track and on the road, with innovative torque-sensing and limited-slip technology keeping it stable as it speeds forward.

Aeroplanes aren’t the only vehicles built with aerodynamic profiles in mind. The Toyota GR86 is honed with a sharp and aerodynamic profile that allows it to perform with breathtaking control and stability.

GR badge on the Toyota GR86 marking it as a thoroughbred

The GR86 is proudly designed for those who love driving with speed and precision. GR badges mark this second-generation masterpiece as proudly thoroughbred.

The all-black interior of the GR86

It’s not all about the exterior of the beast. Behind the steering wheel is where the real deal comes in. The Toyota GR86’s interior is reminiscent of a classic sports car. Unlike classic sports cars, the GR86 features an enhanced as well as comfortable interior experience. The leather and suede-clothed sports seats are designed to grip you tightly around sharp corners. What shouts sporty more than an all-black interior with silver trimming?

The GR Brand is proudly displayed on the Toyota GR86’s push start button and smart key.

The GR Branded start push button

The interior is more than just seats and a steering wheel. It is the innovative technology that attracts attention. With the high-resolution 7” multi-information display which also seconds as the monitor for the GR86’s reverse camera as well as the custom-designed Track Mode combination meter the GR86 will make tech enthusiasts drool.

No Toyota is complete without safety features. Although the Toyota GR86 is designed to be an incredible beast on the road, it does not come at the cost of safety. The GR86 is equipped with a variety of tested safety features. These include but are not limited to, Brake Assist, Hill Assist Control and the Lane Keeping System with Lane Departure Alert.

The Toyota GR86 is released in two different variants:

  • New Toyota GR86 2.4
  • New Toyota GR86 2.4 A/T

Both of the above variants of the GR86 come at competitive prices. For a redesigned and sharper version of an icon in Toyota’s Coupe legacy, the GR86 comes equipped with the latest technology and innovation from the track adapted to be a beast on the road.

For more information on the Toyota GR86 click here.


Is Toyota GR an acronym for something?

It stands for Toyota Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s global racing division.

How many cars are in the Toyota GR range?

Toyota GR consists of four models so far.

What makes Toyota GR and TRD different?

Toyota GR focuses on on-road sports car performance, while TRD focuses more on off-road performance.

How fast is the GR Yaris really?

The top speed of the GR Yaris is electronically limited to 142mph.

How many people can the GR86 seat?

4 People can be seated in the GR86, two in the front and two in the back.


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The Toyota GR86 Sport Car

The Toyota GR range takes the words “Sports cars” to the next level. The Toyota GR Yaris, a city car turned into a performance-driven masterpiece and the Toyota GR86 living up to the legacy of Toyota’s sports coupes.

The Toyota GR Range is filled with the newest inspiration and technology from the racetrack combined with Toyota’s proud attention to safety. The GR Yaris and GR86 will allow you to experience the feeling of racing safely on the road.

For more information on the thrilling new models added to the Toyota GR Range, please visit our website.


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