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The popularity of the Toyota Corolla range cannot be overstated. It is one of the most successful vehicle models ever assembled, and it is peerless when compared to its competitors. Other manufacturers can wax lyrical about their models' specifications and features, but Toyota has carved an automotive path with this range that has left it miles ahead.

The legacy of this model continues, as Toyota has added 3 new variants to the Corolla ranks. Each has been uniquely positioned to appeal to certain demographics. One of those is the Toyota Corolla Quest. It can be easy to regard the Quest as the entry-level model, due to its price modelling, but it is so much more than that.

The current range of Toyota Corolla Quest is available in 6 different models:

  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Plus
  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 CVT Plus
  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Prestige
  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Prestige CVT
  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Exclusive MT
  • Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Exclusive CVT

Most notable, especially amongst Corolla enthusiasts, would be the exterior of the vehicle. Toyota continues to make improvements to modernize the traditional Corolla aesthetic. The headlights especially are bold and designed to heighten the driver's visibility at night. There are also plush additions when we observe the interior of the model, most apparent with the partial leather trims on the seats and steering wheel.

The overall on-road performance of the Toyota Corolla Quest has also enjoyed a boost. The range comes equipped with a 1.8l engine and keeps the Quest humming along as reliably as ever. Regardless of the tweaks that Toyota makes, it will always remain close to its values of reliability and safety.

Of course, another standout is the affordability. The Toyota Corolla Quest is the most inexpensive of the current range. The entry-model Toyota Corolla Quest 1.8 Plus retails for R298 400, whilst the model at the top of the range retails for R368 500. In the same vein, all the after-sales elements of the model are similarly inexpensive. Let’s have a look at the model’s accessories.


The Toyota Corolla Quest comes standard with plenty of accessories. Examples of these include

Toyota Corolla Quest Exterior Accessories

Accessory: Purpose:
Front bumper The front bumper helps to minimize the impact when a vehicle is in a collision.
Headlights Mainly, headlights assist with heightening the visibility of the driver by shining light on the road.
Front grille The main purpose of the grille is to protect the engine and radiator of the car.
Side mirrors These accessories assist with helping the driver observe areas behind them and at their sides.

Toyota Corolla Quest Interior Accessories

Accessory: Purpose:
Cupholders Cupholders assist with holding drinks that may be purchased during a drive.
Headrests Mainly, these are safety features. They assist with the reduction of whiplash in the event of a collision.
Steering wheel This assists the driver with controlling the general direction of the vehicle.
Rearview mirror This is another safety feature that allows the driver to observe any event that may be happening through the vehicle's rear window.

If you require any more information on the Toyota Corolla Quest’s accessories, please click here.

Corolla Quest


Due to the Corolla’s immense popularity, finding parts for your vehicle in the event of a repair is relatively easy. There is also a danger here, as you may be convinced to utilize parts that are not genuine. The use of original Toyota parts is a guarantee from the manufacturer that your Quest will perform that its most optimal level. Furthermore, you can be assured that your vehicle will meet the strict safety standards that Toyota is renowned for.

There is another reassurance here. The use of original Toyota parts keeps your Quest 100% authentic. This ultimately affects the resell value of your vehicle. Whilst the Corolla range has an overall good resell value, you only bolster this with the use of genuine parts.

Examples of common Toyota Corolla Quest car parts include:

  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Headlamps
  • Bumpers

By servicing your Toyota Corolla Quest through an approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership, we can further guarantee the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Book a service appointment here. There are also plenty of service and parts specials to take advantage of!


By purchasing a Toyota Corolla Quest, you will also receive a service plan and warranty. The parameters for all variants are the same, have a look at them below:

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service intervals 12 months/ 15 000km
Service plan 3 services/ 45 000km
Warranty 3 years/100 000km

There are also further options for those who would like a Genuine Unlimited Warranty. The parameters are as follows:

Type of warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 6-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 8-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 10-year unlimited kilometres


Is the Toyota Corolla Quest a good purchase?

Absolutely. Besides its competitive pricing, the vehicle has several specs and features that will appeal to consumers.

What is the price of the latest Toyota Corolla Quest?

The price of this vehicle is dependent on the variant that is purchased. In South Africa, an entry model will retail for R307 400, whilst the model at the top of the range will retail for R379 600.

Is the latest range equipped with a reverse camera?

Indeed it is. There is more impressive tech in the form of automatic rain-sensing wipers.

What makes the Toyota Corolla Quest unique?

The Quest expands on many of the traditional values that have made the Corolla such a hit. It is a strong performer, fuel-efficient, and reliable.

What kind of engine does the Toyota Corolla Quest have?

The current range is equipped with a 1.8l engine.

The brand Toyota has become an industry leader for a reason. Its superior products are only matched by an equally superior emphasis on aftersales service. Ensure that you service your Toyota Corolla Quest with an approved CFAO Mobility Toyota Dealership to maintain its peak performance. Book an appointment with us here.