16 Feb 2023

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Watch the video below and see how owning a Toyota makes you part of our #ToyotaFam:



The new Toyota Coaster is a 23-seater bus designed with South African travellers in mind. Retailing from just R989 700, the Toyota Coaster bus offers more value, safety, and comfort for all. The Coaster people carrier fills the gap between the 16-seater Quantum LWB and the Hino-300 bus.

The first-generation Coaster was introduced in 1969 as a single-deck mini-bus, seating 17. Now available in South Africa is the new fourth-generation model which features an increase in length, width, and window height. With six single-file seats on the passenger side, six double-seats on the driver side and a four-seater bench in the rear, the Toyota Coaster moves more people more comfortably.

The Toyota Coaster lineup:

  • New Toyota Coaster 4.0D 5MT
  • New Toyota 2.8D GL 6AT


Whilst designed to offer more space and comfort for passengers, the Toyota Coaster is also driver-focused and enhances the driving experience. The Toyota Coaster is well-fitted with wide window frames, including the windshield and rear windows, allowing for optimal visibility for all passengers, and large side mirrors support the driver’s visibility.

Epitomising more practicality, the Toyota Coaster Bus boasts more convenient features for more functionality and comfort for drivers and passengers alike:

  • Air-Conditioning Vents and Heating
  • 12V Power Socket
  • Display Audio
  • 15GB Free Data Once-Off Activation
  • Toyota Connect Functionality

The Coaster bus is exclusively available in White, accompanied by the regulatory mini-bus stickers and chevron demarcation.


The interior of the Toyota Coaster is finished in a durable PVC finish for the floor and seat trim while the steering wheel and gear lever are finished in Urethane. Also, The driver-focused cockpit has been carefully positioned to allow the driver to focus purely on driving, with a widened windshield to expand the field of view.

Offering more safety, the Toyota Coaster bus is equipped with innovative safety features that help keep the driver in control at all times, and the passengers safe:

  • 3-Point ELR Seat Belts
  • Speed Limiter @ 100km
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Brake-Assist (BA)
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  • Hill-Assist Control (HAC)
  • Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC)

With millions of South Africans depending on taxis for their daily commute, the new Coaster is perfectly suited for this important transport role.



The new Toyota Coaster comes standard with a great range of accessories. Let’s explore some of these along with their purpose below:

Toyota Coaster Exterior Accessories


Accessory: Purpose:
Toyota Safety Film: 150 Micron Keeps shattered glass in place in the event of an accident.
Toyota Safety Film: 100 Micron Keeps shattered glass in place in the event of an accident.
Towbar Towbar with a harness enables hassle-free towing

Toyota Coaster Interior Accessories


Accessory: Purpose:
Floormat: Coin Rubber Assists in offering protection from dirt/gravel.



It is of great importance that you use Toyota Genuine Parts for your Toyota Coaster. And this cannot be overemphasised enough, especially because this Coaster bus carries the lives of many South Africans daily. Also, Toyota is well known worldwide for quality, reliability and practicality. Therefore, Toyota Genuine Parts are precision-engineered – they fit and function perfectly, with no compromise in safety.

An added benefit of using Toyota Genuine Parts is the inclusion of a 12-month warranty when the parts are purchased.


Some of the available Toyota Coaster parts include:

  • Toyota Brake Cylinder
  • Toyota Air Filter
  • Toyota Brake Pad Kit
  • Toyota Fuel Filter
  • Toyota Alternator

It is also recommended that you service your vehicle with an approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership and receive the peace of mind solution that you deserve. Click here to book an appointment with us today. This also represents a great opportunity to peruse our parts and service specials!



The purchase of a Toyota Coaster comes standard with a range of service plans and warranties. Let’s explore the parameters below...

Service And Warranty: Parameters:
Service intervals 12 months / 10 000km
Service plan 6 services / 60 000km
Warranty 3 years / 100 000km

Toyota Coaster drives additionally have the option to purchase a Genuine Extended Warranty plan:

Type Of Warranty: Parameters:
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 6-year unlimited kilometres
Toyota Genuine Unlimited Extended Warranty 8-year unlimited kilometres

Click here for more information.


Does the Toyota Coaster have a timing belt?

Yes, the Toyota Coaster comes fitted with a timing belt. It is important to have the timing belt replaced on your Toyota Coaster at the recommended intervals to ensure that your Coaster bus remains in good running condition.

What engine is in a Toyota Coaster bus?

The Toyota Coaster comes fitted with 4.0-litre boasts a diesel, common rail engine. The 6-speed automatic GL model is equipped with a power of 110 kW @ 2 500 r/min and torque of 420 Nm @ 1 400 r/min.

Is the Toyota Coaster reliable?

Yes, the Toyota Coaster is reliable. The Coaster bus is well-equipped with class-leading features to enhance performance, safety, comfort, and reliability.

How much fuel does the Coaster bus use per 100km?

The Toyota Coaster bus uses 13 litres per 100 kilometres on the highway and 16 litres per 100 kilometres on the city streets.


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Regular maintenance means more safety and more value for your Toyota Coaster bus, allowing you to move more. CFAO Motors Toyota has reputable Toyota dealerships located nationwide to help you with all your Toyota Coaster bus needs, contact us here today!

Click here to book a Toyota Coaster bus service with your preferred dealer near you. Our expert teams of professionals are dedicated to ensuring that you are given all the motoring solutions that you need and we look forward to assisting you every step of the way.

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