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The options available to consumers navigating the vehicle market are endless. More than not, it is also a space that is filled with dubious guarantees and even more suspicious owners. The worst-case scenario involves parting with your hard-earned money only to acquire a used vehicle with a problematic history and poor performance.

It is something that Toyota understands well, and here is where Automark has made an indelible impression. Automark is the certified Pre-Owned vehicle division of the brand Toyota. It is also an extension of Toyota’s values of safety and reliability. This division acts as a security blanket for consumers, by guaranteeing that all vehicles available on the Automark floor have undergone rigorous testing.

Besides assurance of the vehicle’s quality, CFAO Motors Toyota Automark also offers clarity in terms of the history of the vehicle. Considering how easy it is to mislead customers by omitting important details about a vehicle's history, this is incredibly important. Only vehicles of the highest quality are sold to customers. Let’s explore some of the guarantees that Toyota Automark offers.


CFAO Motors Toyota Automark not only ensures that the quality of the vehicles on all its floors are of the highest quality, but there is also a range of other guarantees that are offered.

  • Assurance of the year model and mileage: Toyota Automark can guarantee that these details are correct. Needless to say, if a consumer is offered the incorrect year model and mileage, it can affect everything from service plans to insurance.
  • Toyota models backed by Toyota: The brand Toyota utilizes its name and guarantees that the vehicle that is purchased is in optimal condition.
  • Certified by the dealers: This is a guarantee that ensures that any used vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and renewed to meet industry standards.
  • Stringent quality checks: Toyota does not cut any corners when it comes to its quality control process. All vehicles on the Automark floors have been tested to find any mechanical faults, leaks, or weaknesses.
  • Complimentary warranty on selected Toyota models: This ensures that your vehicle is covered upon purchase to maintain its peak condition.


Automark offers clarity in terms of revealing some of the important elements that are tested before a vehicle is placed on the floor. Here is a list of the items that are checked.

Toyota Automark Certified Checklist
Mileage and Service History
Lighting System
Accessories fitment condition
Interior appearance and condition
Tyre condition (including the spare tyre)
Battery system
Exterior appearance and condition
Engine compartment
Braking systems
Audio and Alarm systems


All vehicles that are found on our dealership floors fall within strict criteria. Let’s have a look at some of the differences between Toyota Certified and Automark Certified products.

Automark Certified Products

Products that are Automark Certified include:

  • Range - All Model Makes
  • Age of vehicles - no restriction on non-Toyota, Toyota models must be less than 4 years old
  • No restriction on mileage
  • Vehicles are certified by dealers, have strict quality checks, are backed by Toyota (Toyota models), Extended Genuine Warranties are available on selected Toyota models.

Toyota Certified Products

Products that are Toyota Certified include:

  • Range - strictly Toyota models
  • Age of vehicles - up to 4 years
  • Mileage over 100 000kms
  • Vehicles comes standard with a complimentary 1-year warranty, strict quality checks, backed and certified by Toyota, have a full-service history and optional Extended Genuine Warranty.


There are several risks involved in purchasing a used vehicle without enough knowledge about the vehicle (or owner). Vehicle history is one of the most important pieces of information to have. The used vehicle that you may have purchased could likely have been in an accident or may even be due for a service. Without knowing the history of the car, you may not even know if it has damaged parts. CFAO Motors Toyota Automark can alleviate this risk.

Another aspect to consider is the mileage of a car. Purchasing a used vehicle with high mileage means that no guarantee can be placed on its reliability. By choosing Toyota Automark you can be assured that there will be honest communication concerning the reliability of the vehicle. Toyota Certified models also feature a complimentary one-year warranty, lessening the cost of maintaining the vehicle. The usual pitfalls associated with purchasing a used vehicle can be successfully avoided by choosing CFAO Motors Toyota Automark.

Find the used vehicle of your choice online today, and see the range that is available to you. Better yet, locate your closest Automark Dealership, and peruse them for yourself. You may also make use of our financial calculator to ascertain the instalment amount that you are willing to comfortably pay.

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What does “Automark” refer to?

The term Automark refers to the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle segment Of Toyota

Are brakes covered as part of the Toyota Service Plan?

Absolutely. The Toyota Maintenance Plan covers the cost of all mechanical parts that may need replacing.

What does the term FSH mean?

The acronym FSH stands for “Full-Service History”.

Which Toyota vehicle has been rated as the best vehicle?

TrueCar has ranked the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime as the best Toyota currently on the market.

Is an extended car warranty worth it?

It is worth considering if you do not have the money available to pay for unforeseen repairs. You should also acquire it if your manufacturer’s warranty is coming to an end.

Purchasing a vehicle should not be a perilous experience. CFAO Motors Toyota Automark takes the guesswork and frequently asked questions out of the equation by providing a trusted platform to do so. For more information about Toyota Automark, please click here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us here:

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