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17 Aug 2022


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The new Toyota Agya is known to pack a punch for its remarkable city-slicking size. With sharp exterior features that show this compact car means business, you can own the streets in the Toyota Agya. This car is built for urban driving, with an anti-lock braking system that helps avoid collisions on packed city streets. While small in size the Agya does not compromise on stability and drive. Each vehicle variant comes standard with an electronic brake-force distribution that provides extra control by distributing the brake power to every wheel.

While safety reigns supreme with this vehicle, the interior is no small feat. The entertainment system with Bluetooth and USB features. Allowing you to enjoy your drive, your way! The Agya infotainment system can also be used with a smartphone connected to the MyToyota App. This connection allows smart connectivity, safety features and convenience to be controlled through your phone. The Agya allows you to feel control behind the wheel while keeping you safe with incredible features.

The Toyota Agya Variants Include:

  • Toyota Agya 1.0 Manual
  • Toyota Agya 1.0 Automatic
  • Toyota Agya 1.0 Manual (With Audio)
  • Toyota Agya 1.0 (With Audio)



Multiple accessories can be added to your Toyota Agya if you’d like to enhance your driving experience. With both exterior and interior accessories that you can add, you are able to customise your Agya.

Toyota Agya Exterior Accessories

Accessory Purpose
Side visors Minimise wind noise and turbulence when driving with open windows with Side Visors.
Side body moulding Stylish and protective Body Side Mouldings can be added to vehicles' doors.
Side skirt A sculpted aerodynamic side skirts give your vehicle a sporty appearance.
Front bumper spoiler A sculpted aerodynamic front bumper spoiler gives your vehicle a sporty appearance.
Rear bumper spoiler A sculpted aerodynamic front bumper spoiler gives your vehicle a sporty appearance.
Toyota safety film kit (150 Micron) Quality 150-micron safety film available in clear 50% or 35% variants. Reinforces the glass and keeps the shattered glass in place in the event of an accident.
Toyota safety film kit (100 Micron) Quality 100-micron safety film available in clear 50% or 35% variants. Reinforces the glass and keeps the shattered glass in place in the event of an accident.


  • Audio System 2DIN - Sleek W2DIN unit with Bluetooth RDS CD/AUX MP3/WMA USB/iPod

Toyota Agya Interior Photo


When looking for parts for your Toyota Vehicle, it can be tempting to outsource parts at a cheaper price. While you may think you’re saving money, in the long run, cheap unauthorised parts can cost you a fortune. Luckily, we offer a variety of genuine vehicle parts for your Toyota Agya through the CFAO Toyota dealership group. If you’re driving often or every day, it is important to regularly check your parts.

You may be thinking, why should I replace parts in my car if it seems to be running fine? It is important to remember that the parts in your car do not operate in a vacuum. Your vehicle runs as one machine, if some of the parts are not performing to their best ability, your overall driving experience can be negatively affected. Examples of parts that should be checked regularly are:

  • The Alternator
  • The Air Filter
  • The Battery
  • The Brake Pads
  • The Fuel Pump

Information sourced from Centennial College

When replacing parts in a Toyota,the parts must be certified by a Toyota Dealership. These parts are made to the highest standards and have been created specifically for your Toyota Agya. CFAO Toyota also offers genuine Toyota parts specials, allowing you to keep your vehicle in warranty with more savings!

Over and above all the benefits of investing in genuine Toyota parts, when you buy parts through Toyota you are fully covered. Toyota genuine parts are covered by a year-long warranty. If you buy parts from other retailers or wholesalers, your vehicle may fall out of the Toyota manufacturer’s warranty. If you have been sold “Toyota Parts” by an external wholesaler and are questioning their authenticity, Toyota Cloban has a handy article that explains how to decipher fake Toyota parts from genuine.

car parts laid out


What is a car warranty? A car warranty is an agreement between the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle buyer. Ideally, this agreement aims to protect both parties who are involved in the transaction. Most vehicles come standard with a warranty that has parameters around the distance travelled or the time period you’ve owned the vehicle. The following table contains different warranty options for the Toyota Agya.

Toyota Agya Standard Warranty:

Type Of Warranty Standard
Parameters 3 Year/100 000km

Toyota Agya Extended Warranty Options:

Type Of Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited Warranty Toyota Genuine Unlimited Warranty Toyota Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty Unlimited
Parameters 6 Year/Unlimited km 8 Year/Unlimited km 2 years/Unlimited km
Once Off Payment R3,090 R4,750 R4,190

Paying today’s rates for tomorrow’s maintenance is a sensible way to protect the resale value of your Agya using a full-service history - Toyota South Africa.

Yellow Agya Exterior


A service plan is a great way to manage your maintenance costs on a new (or used) vehicle. Depending on your vehicle and manufacturer, your service plan will cover different services that need to be implemented.

This is to ensure that your car is running in the best condition possible. A service plan can help prevent long-term damage as your vehicle is getting checked periodically for problems or issues. Currently, the Toyota Agya vehicle range is sold with a 2-year or 20 000km service plan, with a service interval of every 10 000km. Thus either service every 10 000km or yearly if the vehicle has not done 10 000 in its first year. Additional service plans can be purchased by customers if they wish to extend their service coverage. CFAO Toyota also offers multiple service specials, which help you save on costs while keeping your car in top condition.

Standard Toyota Agya Service Plan

Type Of Service Plan Standard
Parameters 2 Services/20 000km

CFAO Toyota offers service centres with flexible appointment times, and special Toyota diagnostic equipment and houses experienced technicians. To book a service simply complete our form and we will contact and assist you as soon as possible. Our Toyota service centres are available for car services and can assist Monday to Friday with all scheduled maintenance and unplanned repairs, even if your vehicle is out of service.

Servicing your Toyota with an approved CFAO Mobility Toyota centre just makes sense. Our Toyota-trained technicians can ensure the best care for your vehicles and we only use genuine Toyota parts to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your vehicle.

front view of yellow Toyota Agya


With CFAO Mobility Toyota, you’ll always be taken care of. From your first enquiry to your after-sales plan, we will be with you every step of the way. To learn more about our Toyota After-Sales services and parts on offer please enquire online. If you’d rather chat with a Toyota expert in person you can also use our nifty find a dealer website page to locate your nearest dealer.

If you’re still thinking about buying a Toyota Agya but want to see how it drives, we’ve got you covered. Described as “sporty with a spacious interior”, you’ll want to see how this vehicle handles the streets.

Toyota Agya Video - Watch A Test Drive

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