21 Apr 2023

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What exactly is a lifestyle? There are various definitions of a lifestyle and what it entails. Here is Toyota’s: A lifestyle is a typical way of living of an individual, group or culture, which includes but is not limited to habits, attitudes, interests, morals, economic level etc.

There are 8 common lifestyles:

  • Active lifestyle
  • Healthy/Simplistic Lifestyle
  • Solo lifestyle
  • Rural lifestyle
  • Urban lifestyle
  • Nomadic lifestyle
  • Digital lifestyle
  • Adventure lifestyle

You are not limited to one specific lifestyle and can fit into more than one. The 8 lifestyles mentioned above are only some of the more intricate web of lifestyles that exist in the world.

The vehicle that you drive is a part of your daily lifestyle, whether you have put a lot of effort into it or not. This raises a very interesting question. What does it matter? It is convenient for the vehicle that you drive to match your lifestyle. Why, you ask? Because some cars are a better fit for some lifestyles than others. For example, a person who likes to travel outdoors will need a 4x4 SUV or bakkie rather than a small car.

Toyota knows this very well. With 28 distinct models each with its own variants, Toyota gives you a wide selection of vehicles to choose from to match your specific lifestyle. Whether it is adventuring with the Hilux, city exploring with the Urban Cruiser, showing off your Supra to your friends or jamming along with some entertaining beats in your Hiace Ses’fikile, Toyota supports any lifestyle that you might have.

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​This section will explore the 8 different lifestyles and which of the 28 Toyota models fit the best with them.

Active Lifestyle

The first lifestyle that will be looked at is the Active Lifestyle. There are a lot of different definitions of what it means to be active. Is it exercising or going to work every day?

An Active Lifestyle can be described as when people exercise, socialise and live to feel good. The people living this style normally thrive on energy and love to engage in activities with a variety of friends. These kinds of people can be seen as the social butterflies or the exercise junkies.

What Toyota do you think will fit with this energetic way of living?

There are two sides to this coin. Firstly there are the exercise fanatics, who love to show off to their friends. Toyota chiselled the lithe GR86 and the iconic Supra with this kind of lifestyle in mind. How do these two athletic monsters fit into the active lifestyle?

They are both flashy vehicles that make you feel good in the driver's seat and match the lively energy that people in this lifestyle emit. What better energetic feeling is there than drifting around the corners in your supercar showing your friends in the passenger seat a good time? None.

The second side of the coin is the social butterflies. These types of people receive their energy from socialising and spending time with a group of friends or like-minded people.

The Toyota Rumion and Toyota Quantum Bus are two vehicles with a lot of space for all of your social endeavours. Want to take your friends to the gym, your family on a thrilling vacation, or move all your exercising gear? Hop in your people mover and move your body to feel the energy with your gym buddies.

The GR86SupraRumion and Quantum Bus can be used for more than just the active lifestyle.

Healthy/Simplistic Lifestyle

Do you have a healthy or simplistic lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle can be defined as eating healthy, regularly exercising, and taking care of yourself in all aspects. A simplistic lifestyle can be defined as getting rid of the clutter in your life and living as minimalistic and convenient as possible.

At first glance, you can think there is no correlation between the above-mentioned lifestyles. Living healthy extends to your mental health as well. Clutter. Unnecessary complications. Too many focus points. These are all aspects of your life and your vehicle that can be harmful to your mental health.

Unlike the technologically advanced SUVs or sports cars, the following Toyota’s are created with your simplistic needs in mind:

  • Toyota Vitz
  • Toyota Agya
  • Toyota Starlet
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Corolla Hatch
  • Toyota Corolla Quest

Why exactly these specific vehicles?

Let’s start with the most affordable Toyota currently on the market, the Toyota Vitz. Starting at only R189 900, this small car is perfect for your simplistic and healthy lifestyle. Following the Vitz, is the Toyota Agya, the previous most affordable Toyota. This car is stylish in a docile way. You can still love a simplistic lifestyle not worrying about clutter or unnecessary complicated features.

The Vitz and the Agya have all the basic features as well as safety features that make Toyota popular. Before we get to the ever-popular Toyota Corolla range, we must have a look at the unique Toyota Starlet. Bigger than the previous models with a unique style as well as being fuel efficient, you will be the star of a healthy lifestyle with the convenient Toyota Starlet.

What makes the Corolla range so popular? Its simplistic design, comfortable interior, and that it is not cluttered with fancy technologies and complicated functions. The Toyota Corolla, Corolla Hatch and Corolla Quest are affordable and designed to make your life as easy and simple as possible. With the Sedan models, you can have ample space for extra luggage.

All of the above Toyota vehicles are crafted with your mental health and simplistic lifestyle in mind. If you want an uncomplicated lifestyle with little to no issues, these vehicles are recommended for you.

Solo Lifestyle

The Solo Lifestyle tends to attract people who like to be alone and have their own adventures in life. They are mostly independent and enjoy life with minimal contact with other people.

Most vehicles are designed for multiple people to travel in them and to make the passengers almost as comfortable as the drivers. Toyota saw that people needed some alone time and made the following vehicles as an option for people living the solo lifestyle:

  • Toyota GR Yaris
  • Toyota Hilux Single Cab
  • Toyota Quantum Panel Van

Although the Toyota GR Yaris is designed with four seats, it only has three doors, including the boot door. This sports hatchback is designed to take you on the ultimate solo city adventure. Yes, there are more seats, but they are there to replace the tiny boot.

Put your suitcase in the backseat, your jacket on the passenger seat and the key in the ignition, starting the experience of a lifetime with you, yourself and the sporty GR Yaris!

Want to be alone on your farm, and have a bakkie to fulfil all your working needs? The Toyota Hilux single cab is for you. With two seats and a spacious loading bay, you can live your solo farming or off-road lifestyle.

Last but not least is the Toyota Quantum Panel Van. You might be asking, how on earth does this three-seater connect with the solo lifestyle? When you are doing manual labour and transporting essential equipment for your job, you don’t want to be bothered by a lot of people in the backseat nagging you with questions.

The workplace is already a stressful environment, there is no need to add more stress. Enjoy your solo work lifestyle with the Toyota Quantum Panel Van which has enough power to steer you forward at work.

Rural Lifestyle

The Rural Lifestyle is mostly followed in countryside areas where farm-related or off-road-related work is a daily norm. People in this lifestyle are close to nature and strive for a practical and functional life.

The first Toyota that comes to mind when the word “rural” is mentioned is the Toyota Land Cruiser 76. This off-roader is designed to go anywhere and everywhere while being practical and robust. It is the perfect vehicle to transport a lot of people or farming equipment.

Its brother, the Land Cruiser 79, is even more ideal for the Rural Lifestyle with its spacious loading bay and rugged appearance. Transport anything anywhere, through rivers, over any surface, no matter how rocky. The Land Cruiser 79 can take on any environment.

If you want to look a bit more stylish while you are traversing the farmland then the Toyota Hilux range is for you, especially the Hilux Double Cab to transport all your children, friends and workers all over the farm. Built to be tough, the Hilux Double Cab will make any countryside its domain. Do you want fewer people and more space? Then the Hilux Xtra Cab is the bakkie for you. Available in 6 legendary models, you will not be disappointed when your daily tasks become more easier.

These Toyota off-roaders are created for you to live anywhere and still prosper.

Urban Lifestyle

There are a majority of people who prefers the fast-paced city lifestyle. Cruising around between tall buildings, over motorways and driving kilometres for the most exciting experiences. This is the Urban Lifestyle. People thrive to achieve more in this lifestyle.

The following vehicles are perfect for such an accelerated lifestyle:

  • Toyota Urban Cruiser
  • Toyota Corolla Cross
  • Toyota C-HR
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser

The first Toyota is specifically chiselled for the Urban Lifestyle down to its name. The Toyota Urban Cruiser. This bold pioneer is designed to take you from city to city, no matter the condition of the road, the weather or the location of the city. City cruising has never been so easy. Hop in the comfortable interior, push the start button and explore all the cities and towns that you want.

Next is the Toyota Corolla Cross, turning the iconic sedan series into a stylish SUV, ready for any day or night city cruising with an aerodynamic profile and lots of space for your friends and their luggage. This cross between style and function is created to make you look good and feel even better. The Urban lifestyle is fast-paced and exciting. The Toyota Corolla Cross is even more so!

Looking like it was taken straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, the Toyota C-HR is the agile night rider of the Toyota family. Just as the city never sleeps, neither does the C-HR. Perfect for that late-night mall crawling, club hopping or midnight coffee, the C-HR is the embodiment of the urban lifestyle that is always awake and never stops even through the night.

Lastly is the uniquely designed Toyota FJ Cruiser. Strong and full of convenient technologies, the FJ Cruiser is designed to take you further than just the city. Explore every town in your area with its powerful engine and multiple road settings, such as crawl control.

Nomadic Lifestyle

A nomad is someone who wanders from one place to another. People living in this lifestyle normally are comfortable with what they have and do not require a place to settle down to find happiness.

Surprisingly 4 vehicles fall under this lifestyle. They are:

  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Quantum Bus
  • Toyota Hiace

Be incredible with the less ordinary Toyota RAV4. The perfect wanderer with all your technology and space needs, embedded into its stylish interior.

Next is the ready-for-anything Toyota Fortuner. What more do you need travelling around from place to place? Nothing when you are driving the Toyota Fortuner. With the motto “Reimagine Everything” the Fortuner will make you look differently at the world as you move forward.

Being a nomad doesn't have to be lonely, many nomads like to explore different places with other people. With the Quantum, you can take all of your friends or family from town to town in style. The Toyota Quantum’s six models all have different capacities from 6 seats up to 14 seats.

The Toyota HiaceHiace Ses’fikile and Coaster are created more as vehicles that take nomads where they want to go than vehicles that fit the Nomadic lifestyle. You can still move from place to place in comfort with these Toyota buses. Be the nomad yourself or cater for other people in this lifestyle, The Toyota QuantumHiace and Hiace Ses’fikile cater for all.

Digital Lifestyle

A digital lifestyle is for those that love to connect with and explore technology in a variety of different ways.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is Toyota’s luxurious, technologically advanced SUV that fits the Digital Lifestyle perfectly. With more technology than you can ever ask for, the Land Cruiser 300 is designed to fulfil your digital fantasies, with luxurious comfort as the bonus.

Appearing in more than one lifestyle the Toyota Fortuner also has technological features aimed at making your life more convenient. They include but are not limited to a Panoramic View Monitor, Park Distance Control and Vehicle-Stability Control.

Adventure Lifestyle

The last lifestyle that will be covered is the Adventure Lifestyle. This lifestyle is for people that enjoy exploring the outdoors and loves seeking new experiences in nature.

Explore every corner of the world, with the versatile Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. With the comfort that keeps you seated for kilometres and the ability to travel on every terrain, the Land Cruiser Prado is the perfect adventurer combining style with practicality.

You cannot mention the outdoors without touching upon the Toyota Hilux Double and Xtra Cab models. Bred for adventure with generations of off-roaders behind them, the Toyota Hilux models are perfect for any experience that brings you closer to nature.

With a spacious loading bay and some extra interior storage space, you can transport any gear fit for your adventure in the Toyota Hilux Xtra Cab. Take your family or friends with you on your journeys into nature with the Toyota Hilux Double Cab.


Which Toyota is the best?

It depends on your preference. All Toyota models are made for unique purposes and excel in their own specific fields.

What is Toyota’s most affordable car on the market?

The most affordable vehicle at CFAO Toyota is currently the Toyota Vitz costing only R189 900.

Which Toyota is the most practical?

The Toyota Corolla range is the most practical for everyday life activities.

Which Toyota is the best at handling?

The Toyota GR86 is specifically built by Gazoo Racing to have optimal handling when going at high speeds around corners and on slippery roads.

Why do people prefer Toyota as a brand?

Most people prefer Toyota because it focuses on family values with a wide variety of models that are affordable, fuel-efficient, spacious and easy to drive.


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Living life without the right vehicle for your lifestyle is not an easy task. A vehicle is a support system that we as a modern society rely on to help us fulfil our daily needs and comfort.

Choosing the perfect Toyota for your lifestyle can be tricky, as you might not be certain which lifestyle you belong to. Experimenting with lifestyles and what Toyota’s fit your lifestyle is recommended before picking a random car for what you think your lifestyle is.

Toyota’s are created for you to do life with. No matter which of the above lifestyles you choose to live, Toyota has a car for you.

Please note that the above list of lifestyles is only 8 of many out there and that the cars chosen for them are only suggestions and not set in stone.

Please visit the CFAO Mobility Toyota website for more information on the vehicles mentioned in this article. Alternatively, feel free to contact us below: