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The idea of one-stop shops sounds great on paper. It implies that there is the possibility of perusing (and making use of) every available service that a provider could offer online. Yet here is also the danger. That one-stop shop could become a little muddled and confuse in its online offering. It is here where the MyToyota App is different.

By keeping its menu of services simple, and ensuring that the app is easy to navigate, it steers clear of these pitfalls. What precisely does this functionality offer?

The MyToyota App allows you to create your own personal MyToyota profile. It is here where you will have the ability to access any information that you desire about your car. Additionally, you may also make use of certain services as well. The MyToyota App can be easily downloaded on your smart device, and once it is synched to your vehicle, it delivers an array of innovations right at your fingertips. The range of features that you can expect are as follows:

  • Wifi access
  • Roadside assistance
  • Booking of services
  • Booking of test drives
  • Applying for vehicle finance
  • Vehicle history and information
  • GPS locator
  • Driver score rating
  • Driver notification

There is an incredible amount of convenience that this offers the Toyota consumer, especially when we consider the traditional ways in which services and test drives were booked. There is also peace of mind in being able to access information on your vehicle and to do so in relative comfort.

If you would like to obtain more information about the MyToyota App, please feel free to download our brochure here. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail, as well as how to sync the app to your vehicle.


In this section, we will detail some of the features that the MyToyota App offers:

In-Car Wifi

Once activated, passengers will be provided with up to 15GB of data to provide entertainment in the event of a long journey. There is also the option to top this up in the MyToyota App or with your banking app.


Getting ready for tax season just got a whole lot easier! The logbook feature is simply a digital log for your Toyota’s various trips.

Booking A Service

This feature not only allows you to easily book a service appointment via the app, but it also notifies you when your next service is due.

GPS Locator

This functionality allows you to locate your vehicle with ease.

Battery Health Check

By checking the health of your Toyota’s battery you can plan your trips ahead.

Roadside Assistance

This is a very important function that allows you to request assistance 24/7.

Driver Notifications

Personalize your app with this function, by getting reminders about items such as renewing your licence.

Fleet Management (Alerts)

More specific for clients of small businesses that are managing a small fleet. This alert helps you keep track of your fleet.

Driver Rating

By using metrics such as accelerating, speeding, and cornering, this functionality gives you a driver rating to encourage safety on the road.


Syncing the MyToyota app to your vehicle is a relatively simple process. Begin by opening Google Play or the App Store on your device, then follow these instructions:

  • Initiate the download of the MyToyota app on your device.
  • Navigate to the “connect section” and sync your vehicle to the app.
  • Immediately gain access to information about the health of your battery and vehicle locator.

Activating your Wifi connection is similarly as easy. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “Connect” section of the MyToyota app on your smartphone.
  • Receive your 15GB of data, which you will be able to replenish afterwards.


There is an additional functionality within the MyToyota App specifically for the convenience for small or medium business owners. Fleet Lite has been created for SMEs, allowing them to observe and manage their fleet of vehicles. There are familiar features (such as booking a service/test drive) but also a whole range of additional perks. To obtain a full overview of this service, have a look at our brochure here.


Is the MyToyota app worth downloading?

Absolutely. The MyToyota App allows you easy access to logbook information and service appointments, amongst other things.

Does the app have the ability to track my Toyota?

It does. You may track your vehicle with this app.

Does my smartphone have the ability to start my car?

There is a functionality known as Toyota Remote Connect that allows you to start your vehicle remotely.

Does the Toyota Remote Connect have any other uses?

Comprehensively, the app allows you to access various functions on your vehicle from your smartphone.

Where can you locate the GPS tracking device on a vehicle?

This device can be located almost anywhere on a vehicle. From under the seats or the front/rear bumper.

Convenience can be easy to forget when it is so readily available. However, the MyToyota App is a reminder of how helpful it has become. There is no need to trek to dealerships for additional information. Neither is there any anxiety about the overall condition of your Toyota anymore. It is all accessible, and it is at your fingertips.

For more information about the MyToyota app, please download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us: