07 Jun 2022


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The multi-purpose vehicle market is not often bombarded with a variety of choices. Furthermore, the options available are also not known to be achingly attractive either. However, with the launch of the new Toyota Rumion, the MPV market is in for a welcome change. Even though the Rumion is often said to be the official replacement for the Avanza, its interior and exterior features alone prove that it deserves to be in a class of its own. Toyota has managed to merge an attractive exterior with a functional and spacious interior, elevating vehicles that are normally part of the MPV family.

Interior Overview Of Rumion.

Whilst the interior of the Toyota Rumion is as spacious as you could expect, its appearance is elevated with certain embellishments. The silver accents and faux wood across the dashboard dress the Rumion up wonderfully. In terms of practicality, many 7-seaters often struggle with the last row being slightly cramped. This is amended in the Toyota Rumion, where there is more than sufficient head and legroom for all occupants of the vehicle. Another mindful touch is the addition of separate, manual-controlled air-conditioning for all your passengers.

The true joy of the Toyota Rumion’s interior is its clear focus on comfortability. The vehicle is equipped with in-car Wifi and 12V power sockets, ensuring a pleasant ride for all. It is a departure from the Toyota Avanza that it is said to replace.

Exterior Overview Of Rumion.

The exterior modeling of the Toyota Rumion shines. The strong lines do not just give the vehicle a bold presence, it also ushers in a new era. Vehicles in the MPV market do not simply need to be known for their practicality, but an attractive and modern exterior as well. The exterior is equipped with LED rear lights and high-mounted brake light. The side mirrors are also electrically foldable on certain models and are integrated elegantly into the model. Toyota was also mindful enough to ensure that the Rumion has a towing capacity of up to 1 000kg. The vehicle also rests on a 15” alloy set of wheels that are raring for adventure.

For a comprehensive view of the interior and exterior features of the new Toyota Rumion, download our brochure here. Furthermore, locate your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership here. Why not book a test drive while you’re there? Experience the new addition to the multi-purpose vehicle market yourself. Let’s look at the interior and exterior options in a little more detail.

New Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT

The entry model to the range, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT, is certainly not lacking in any of the roomy features that its counterparts have. It also embodies safety along with the comfort element. The latest model is equipped with an immobilizer and child locks on the rear door.

Interior FeaturesManual rearview mirror, 2 ventilated cup holders, electric windows
Exterior FeaturesFront grille, Black side mirrors.

New Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT

Similar to its siblings in this range, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT, is available in 7 colours: Mystic Pearl White, Azure Blue, Seal Grey Metallic, Cedar Brown, Autumn Blaze Red, Premium Liquid Silver, and Shadow Black Pearl. Equipped with 138 Nm worth of torque, it is certainly not just a spacious beauty.

Interior FeaturesDay and Night rearview mirror, driver and passenger seatback pockets.
Exterior FeaturesChrome front grille, colour coded and retractable side mirrors.

New Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT

The automatic transmission in the range, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT, has a 180 mm ground clearance and remote-controlled wireless door lock. To peruse this model's entire specifications, download our brochure here.

Interior Features3 spoke steering wheel, fabric seat trim.
Exterior FeaturesRear door child lock, Halogen headlights.

New Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT

The fourth model in our range, The Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT, comes standard with 77kW of power and a four-cylinder engine.

Interior FeaturesAudio/Telephone steering wheel switches, Front and rear 12V power sockets.
Exterior FeaturesHalogen headlights, Chrome front grille.

New Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT


Firing on 4 cylinders and equipped with a Push/Start Starting system, is the Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT. To obtain a full view of the specifications of this vehicle, please download our brochure here.

Interior Features Wood panel instrument panel, display/audio reverse camera.
Exterior Features Front fog lights, LED rear lights.

To experience this level of comfort in person, book a test drive here at your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership.


How reliable is the new Toyota Rumion?

Absolutely. Toyota has not just fallen back to relying on the obvious comfort and space factor with the Rumion. It is also excellently designed and is incredibly fuel-efficient.

Does the new model seat 7 people?

It is specifically designed for that purpose, yes. The seven-seater originates from India and is one of about three models that Toyota and Suzuki share.

Is there any difference between the Ertiga and the Rumion?

Despite the similarities between the two vehicles, the difference lies in the badges, 15-inch wheels, and the grille.

Which country manufactures the Toyota Rumion?

This wonderful new addition to the multi-purpose vehicle market is manufactured in India.

What is outstanding about the Toyota Rumion?

Even though it is a spacious vehicle, the Rumion also receives rave reviews for being a relatively painless and easy drive.


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The multi-purpose vehicle market is ruled by keywords that include words such as practicality, functionality, and space. It is not the norm to expect a vehicle manufacturer to inject this space with class and good looks. However, Toyota has introduced a new era by ensuring that not only does the Rumion fulfill its MPV quota, but it also brings a striking exterior and class along for the ride.

For more information on the exterior and interior options of the new Toyota Rumion range, download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us!

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