Lexus UX Interior and Exterior - Urban Artistry 1

Lexus UX Interior and Exterior - Urban Artistry

11 Nov 2022

Discover The Exterior & Interior Of The Lexus UX

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Lexus UX 250h Overview


Luxury is no stranger to Lexus, and the Lexus UX 250h is no exception. Designed with intention from top to bottom, this urban crossover is in a class of its own. The Lexus UX boasts an angular and architectural exterior.

This innovative exterior design allows the UX to stand out in a sea of city crossover vehicles on the market. Lexus has never been an automotive brand to follow trends, and the UX has shown that crossovers don’t have to be boring. The Lexus UX interior brings a distinct luxury that sets it apart from any potential rivals.

There are four models of the Lexus UX available in South Africa:

  • Lexus UX 250H EX
  • Lexus UX 250H SE
  • Lexus UX 250H F Sport
  • Lexus UX 250H F Sport Bi-Tone

The Lexus UX pricing starts from R792,700 and differs from model to model. The entire UX range runs on a hybrid system which is great for the environment and great for your wallet. In 2021 the Japanese automotive brand announced the Lexus UX’s shift to hybrid-only. Lexus reports that the UX range uses just 4.5 litres of petrol per 100km, a rare achievement for a vehicle of its size.

Lexus UX Technology


The Lexus UX interior has a host of exceptional technology. In the high-end models, you can enjoy the power of a 13-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound system. To play your favourite songs, simply connect your phone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Your Lexus UX will connect your phone to the vehicle’s speakers and the infotainment screen instantaneously.

The cockpit features a 12.3-inch touchscreen, which is just over the size of a full standard ruler! To be technical, your Lexus UX interior features Optitron instrumentation with a central TFT Multi-Information display. The display allows you to access all important technical details and entertainment – without taking your eyes off the road.

The infotainment system can be operated by voice command. The display can operate on a split screen, so you never have to close your navigation to change a song again! The steering wheel is, of course, multifunction so that you can change settings without taking your hands off the wheel. Any other salient buttons are also placed around the steering wheel so that your driving experience is not interrupted.

You can enjoy complete connectivity with the MyLexus system. This high-tech system provides wifi in the UX and handles roadside assistance, logbook monitoring and notifications. The information is also shared with your profile on MyLexus so that you can book services and check your finances easily. Convenience is brought to you with the wireless charging station in the centre console. Simply place your device or smartphone on the charging pad and you won’t have to worry about losing any power.

Lexus UX Comfort


The Lexus UX interior is created with a driver-first approach. The best part about the Lexus UX is that it's easy to drive in a cityscape. The spacious cockpit allows the driver to understand the extremities of the car, allowing for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces.

In the Lexus UX interior, no detail is left to guesswork. The grip profile of the steering wheel was perfected through numerous test drives by the Lexus Takumi master driver. The front seat of the UX is crafted to ergonomic perfection. The design reduces fatigue and envelops the driver for ultimate comfort. With up to eight seat adjustments, you’re sure to find your ultimate posture.

The two front seats are also equipped with both heating and cooling functions. How do you cool a seat? The cold air from the air conditioner is used to help cool off the driver and their front seat passenger. The Lexus UX interior is crafted with unique attention to detail. Drawing on concepts from its home country Japan, Lexus has blended philosophy with craftsmanship. You can read more about the unique concepts on page 3 of the Lexus UX brochure.

Depending on which model you choose, there are a variety of trim colours available to customise your Lexus UX interior.

Lexus UX Interior Trim Colours

  • Black
  • White
  • Rich cream
  • Hazel
  • Cobalt
  • White
  • F-black
  • Flare red

Lexus UX Safety


Your Lexus UX gives you control on the road with advanced safety features. The urban crossover hosts a wide range of passive and active safety aspects. Every Lexus UX is equipped with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and ABS braking. Vehicle Stability Control, Vehicle Traction Control and Hill Assist Control.

When you invest in a Lexus UX 250H SE, UX 250H F Sport or UX 250H F Sport Bi-Tone your vehicle will be equipped with the Lexus Safety System+2. The LSS+2 is a first-class safety and pre-crash prevention system. The Lexus Safety System also provides adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert and an automatic high-beam system. We know that life can be stressful, but your drive doesn’t have to be with the Lexus UX.

The Lexus UX provides a multitude of other safety features:

  • Adaptive*, all-speed* cruise control
  • Lane trace assist*
  • Blind spot monitor*
  • Panoramic view monitor*
  • Eight airbags

*Available on UX 250h SE, UX 250h F SPORT and UX 250h F SPORT Bi-Tone models only.

Lexus UX Exterior


Lexus UX has an exterior design that is distinct and distinguished. With the perfect blend of elegance and confidence, your drive in a Lexus UX will always be an unforgettable experience. The exterior of the US is first sculpted with clay by our expert Takumi craftsmen. Not sure what a Takumi craftsman is? You can read more about this unique Japanese culture on Lexus’s international website.

This urban crossover breaks the boundaries of what a city car can be. With sharp geometric lines and an imposing stance, this Lexus UX certainly delivers a striking exterior. The Lexus UX features a hands-free power tailgate. This allows you to open the boot with a simple gesture near the sensor in the rear bumper. The only thing you’ll need is the smart key on hand.

The UX’s unique spindle grille provides depth and shape to the front of the vehicle. The design is inspired by Japanese etching, created to catch and reflect light. The aero-stabilising rear light improves the aerodynamic aspect of the Lexus UX for optimal driving performance. Fins are built into the light to reduce environmental changes to improve stability.

Find A Lexus UX For Sale

If you’d like to see the Lexus UX interior in person, please contact us today! We have authorised Lexus dealerships throughout the country. Do you need to find a Lexus dealership near you? You can use our find a dealership tool so that you can conveniently locate your nearest CFAO Motors Lexus dealership. You can also enquire and book a test drive for the Lexus UX.

We stock both the New Lexus UX 250h EX, New Lexus UX 250h SE and the New Lexus UX 250h F-Sport at our dealerships. So that you find your perfect model from the range. CFAO Motors Lexus is an authorised Lexus dealership and we would love to help you find your perfect model of the UX.

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