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08 Jul 2022


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To obtain an in-depth review of Toyota’s futuristic approach to the new C-HR, please view our Youtube video below:

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The most striking element of the new Toyota C-HR has to be the exterior styling. It is not to imply that the architecture of the new range has ushered in an entirely new shape for vehicles of this segment, but it is a stand-out especially because it is Toyota. The brand has deep values around safety and comfortability, values that have echoed for years amongst South Africans. It is also interesting to observe that those values may have crept into the styling of its vehicles.

There has not often been a distinctive departure from the familiar Toyota “face” that we spot on the road, regardless of variant, and it is here where the C-HR shines. It is almost futuristic in appearance and is heaped in personality. There is nothing bland or “safe” about it.

The new range of Toyota C-HR is available in 4 different variants:

  • New Toyota C-HR 1.2T
  • New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus
  • New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT
  • New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT

A prominent feature when we peruse the exterior of the new C-HR would be the addition of the Bi-LED Auto High Beam Headlights that come standard with the Luxury variants. It is the perfect fixture for an already striking exterior. All variants are also equipped with 17” steel or 18” alloy wheels. The range is also available in a plethora of interesting colours.

Elegance is embossed in the interior of the range. Whilst most variants contain a seat material that is a blend of greys, the Luxury variant has a unique Orchid Brown material, which stands out wonderfully in the cabin. There are a variety of features in the cabin itself. All models come standard with an air conditioner (whether manual or auto dual-zone). Connectivity has also not been neglected, with the models all coming equipped with Bluetooth, USB, as well as Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay functionality.

An amazing quip from TopGear states: “ The C-HR delivers superb fuel economy and decent handling”. It sums up the stable drive that the new Toyota C-HR allows its consumers. The range comes equipped with a 1.2l petrol four-cylinder engine. It is capable of up to 185Nm of torque and has an output of 85kW of power.

It is also priced competitively. The entry-model Toyota C-HR 1.2T retails at R429 000, whilst the top-of-the-range Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT retails at R554 500.

To obtain a full view of all the available specifications of the new Toyota C-HR, please download our brochure here. Nothing will top experience, however. Why not locate an approved CFAO Toyota Dealership near you and book a test drive? Let’s have a look at the models in more detail.


New Toyota C-HR 1.2T

The first model in our range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T. This model is equipped with 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque.

Price: R429 000
Maximum Power: 85kW
Standout Features: Child restraint system, LED headlights

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus

The second model in the C-HR canon is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus. This model emits 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque

Price: R465 200
Maximum Power: 85kW
Standout Features: LED daytime running lights, Remote wireless door lock

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT

The Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT is our third model. It emits 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque.

Price: R479 100
Maximum Power: 85kW
Standout Features: Vehicle stability control, Auto/Rain-Sensing front window wiper.

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT

The last model in our range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT. This model comes equipped with 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque.

Price: R554 500
Maximum Power: 85kW
Standout Features: Intelligent park assist, Blind spot monitor


What is one of the most outstanding factors of the new Toyota C-HR?

An outstanding factor of the new Toyota C-HR is that the new range is incredibly fuel-efficient. The range only consumes 6.3 to 6.4 liters per 100kms

Are Toyota Hybrid vehicles a good option?

They are a fantastic option. Electric models from Toyota have been noted to have a 100% perfect score according to the 2019 What Car? Survey.

Is the Toyota CH-R one of the brand's smallest SUVs?

It is. The vehicle can be classified as a subcompact crossover and makes a wonderful entry-level SUV for buyers in the market.

Is the term “C-HR” an acronym for anything in Toyota C-HR?

The term is short for “Compact High Rider”.

In what year was the Toyota C-HR released?

The range was launched in 2016 and went on sale in 2017.


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Entering the market to look for a vehicle is often daunting. What are the features? The price? The top speed and fuel consumption? The new Toyota C-HR ticks all the boxes and adds a few more to the mix. The fearless design aesthetic reminds the consumer (quite loudly), that it is not just the inside that matters. It lends itself to an edge of individuality that competitors simply cannot offer.

The Kia Sportage, by comparison, is beholden to a family image. The Mazda CX-30 also fails to ignite the taste buds in quite the way that the Toyota C-HR does.

For more information on the new Toyota C-HR, please download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us!


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