07 Jun 2022


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Watch the video below to obtain more information on the new Toyota Rumion.


While it is to be expected, comparisons between the new Toyota Rumion and its older cousin, the Toyota Avanza, are tedious. The Toyota Avanza was the flagship model when it came to the MPV segment. However, with the Toyota Rumion, the brand has introduced a new, better-looking, option for those in the market for a multi-purpose vehicle. The new range is available in 5 different variants:

  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT

There is a noticeable shift with the Toyota Rumion, with this new range decked with attractive seat trims and faux wood instrument panels (for the later models in the range). As expected, Toyota has ensured that the interior is practical, spacious, and reasonably pleasant. It also embodies a definite edge of sophistication that was not present in the Avanza.​

The exterior is where aspects of a facelift are truly present. A standout here is the tapered headlights, which give the Rumion a sleek feel. The new range is also available in the following colours: Mystic Pearl White, Azure Blue, Seat Grey Metallic, Cedar Brown, Autumn Blaze Red, Premium Liquid Silver, Shadow Black Pearl. These touches are all important to note, as all vehicles in the MPV family are not renowned for good looks. Much like performance ( which we will look at shortly), these models are not required to look suave by any means.

Spacious interior aside for just a moment, Toyota have long had a reputation for being trustworthy and solid when we analyze the performance aspect. The Toyota Rumion delivers here by offering a drive that is comfortable, safe, and somehow manages to feel premium. The four-cylinder engine is no racehorse on the freeway, but we do not require it to be. It is the sturdiness that you want when transporting a number of people, not a chequered flag.

Another winner with the new Toyota Rumion is the pricing, with its entry model, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT retailing at R258 000. It is here that we can welcome comparisons with the Toyota Avanza, as the Rumion is a cheaper (and more attractive) option.

To obtain a full view of the new Toyota Rumion’s specifications, download our brochure here. To experience this comfortable drive in person, locate your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership and book a test drive here. Let’s have a look at all the models in this range a little more closely.

Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT

There are features and space galore with our entry model, the new Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT. It is equipped with a manual 5-speed transmission and 138Nm worth of torque.

Price:R258 000
Torque:138 Nm
Standout Features:Black front grille, halogen headlights.

Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT.

The second model in our range, the new Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX MT comes standard with 77kW and comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine. To obtain a full view of this vehicle’s specifications, download our brochure here.

Price:R287 400
Torque:138 Nm
Standout Features:Colour-coded side mirrors, two ventilated cup holders.

Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT

The third model in our range, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 SX AT, comes standard with an automatic 4-speed transmission and economical fuel consumption at 6,2 liters per 100 km.

Price:R303 900
Torque:138 Nm
Standout Features:Rear door child lock, Chrome coloured front grille.

Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT

Toyota continues to up the ante with its fourth model, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX MT. This model comes standard with 77kW of power and a “push start” staring system.

Price:R316 800
Torque:138 Nm
Standout Features:Chrome smart entry door handles, wooden panel instrument panel.

Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT

At the top of the range, the Toyota Rumion 1.5 TX AT, is kitted out with all the bells and whistles that this new range has to offer. This model comes standard with an automatic air conditioner and reverse camera.

Price: R333 200
Torque: 138 Nm
Standout Features: Front and rear power sockets, Smart entry wireless door lock.

Describing the comfort of this range is one part of the story, but we highly recommend that you experience it in person. Book a test drive here.


What is great about the new Toyota Rumion?

Toyota has paid due diligence to the space factor with this new range. Not only is there ample legroom for taller passengers, but there is also ample headroom due to the shape of the car.

Are there any similarities between the Toyota Rumion and the Suzuki Ertiga?

Indeed there are. The launch of the Rumion marks a collaboration between the two brands. The Rumion is similar to the Ertiga, with the difference being the Toyota badge emblazoned on this model.

What is the top speed of the Toyota Rumion?

This model has a top speed of 175km/h.

Is the Toyota Rumion a front or rear-wheel drive?

This new model is a front-wheel drive. This results in increased space for the passenger compartment.

Does the new Rumion have 7 seats?

Yes, it does. The Toyota Rumion is a seven-seater MPV.


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Vehicles that belong to the multi-purpose market have a certain reputation. Indeed, aspects of comfortability and space are always reinforced with every launch, but exterior aesthetics are not. No one requires a handsome drive when we only expect one that is pleasant and agreeable. Toyota is slowly ushering in a new era by ensuring that the new Rumion flirts with being sleek, but remains as sturdy and practical as ever.

For more information on the new Toyota Rumion, download our brochure here. Alternatively, get in touch with us!

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