21 Apr 2023


Ask anyone if they have deep-dived down the rabbit hole of trying to decipher whether they want to buy a new or used vehicle, and they will probably offer you a sigh. It is a cumbersome place of Youtube video after Youtube video, and exhaustive in its pros and cons. Then there are the questions: What is your budget? Will you save on insurance costs?

This article seeks to offer a simplified version of the advice you have no doubt been given before. Whether it was shared over Family Day at the braai, or given in bullet points by your favourite publication online. It also seeks to offer a little more: Why you should consider buying a new or used Toyota, and what exactly makes our company different and amongst the best in the world.

Innovation: Toyota has always remained at the forefront of innovation. Our investment in developing new models and researching the latest technology has resulted in introducing our hybrid range. It also, interestingly, resulted in the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle. This unique approach to innovation has also contributed to Toyota’s continuously overhauling its design aesthetic. The Toyota Corolla range, for instance, is now available in the Quest, Hatch, and respective Corolla models.

  • Environmental sustainability: Toyota has always maintained a long-term commitment to the sustainability of the environment. Several initiatives have been introduced throughout the years to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • A customer-centric approach: Toyota endeavours to not only meet but surpass our customers' expectations. This is especially evident in our assembly of safety features in our vehicles.
  • The empowerment of employees: Toyota consistently implements initiatives that are meant to encourage teamwork and empower employees.

The Toyota Production System: Also known as TPS, the Toyota Production System is a philosophy that speaks to the brand's dedication to reducing waste and continuously improving. It is through this system that Toyota has always managed to achieve such high levels of productivity.

Both new and used Toyota models are also available for a test drive. By locating your closest CFAO Mobility Toyota dealership, please schedule an appointment with us.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of purchasing a new or used Toyota.


Let’s explore new vehicles first. What are some of the advantages of purchasing a new Toyota?

  • Wider financing options: Financial institutions (and your bank) are more likely to offer you an attractive finance package should you purchase a new Toyota. Expect lower interest rates and even cashback offers.
  • The latest innovation: Purchasing the latest Toyota means that your vehicle will most likely come equipped with the newest technology and features. This adds to the general reliability and durability of the vehicle.
  • Maintenance plans and warranties: A new Toyota will come standard with a maintenance plan/warranty that ensures that general repairs can be covered. This is a great perk as it offers peace of mind.
  • The ability to customise your vehicle: Elements such as the colour, trim, and features of the Toyota can be chosen to suit your individual needs.

There are a few downsides to the purchase of a new Toyota, however.

  • Affordability: Chances are that a new Toyota will cost more than a used one. This may make it more difficult to obtain for some motorists.
  • The possibility of higher insurance premiums: Due to the higher value of the vehicle and the cost to repair, there is a chance that your insurance premium could be higher.
  • Depreciation: This facet is often spoken about. Purchasing a new Toyota means that the vehicle will depreciate quite fast, especially within its first year.

Let’s turn our attention to the pros of purchasing a used Toyota:

  • Variety: The great advantage of purchasing a used Toyota is that there is a wide variety available to choose from. There is a range of interesting and unique options that may no longer be in production, and this is where you could score.
  • Lower depreciation: A used Toyota will likely hold its value better than its new counterparts. Used models have already gone through the most significant depreciation period.
  • Affordable insurance costs: Due to the lower costs of a used Toyota (in comparison to newer models) and its inexpensive repair costs - you can expect to pay a smaller insurance premium.
  • More affordable: It is safe to bet that a used Toyota is more affordable than a newer model, making it easier to obtain.

There are a few downsides to purchasing a used Toyota, however:

  • A limited amount of customisation: Given that the vehicle is used, there is a finite amount of features and specifications that can be added to the Toyota.
  • Limited warranties or maintenance plan options: A used vehicle is bound to require more maintenance than a new one, and a used Toyota may have limited warranty options. This will leave the cost of repairs squarely in the hands of the owner. Purchasing a Toyota through our Automark segment can easily nip this problem in the bud.
  • Maintenance: Similar to what has been outlined above, used vehicles will probably require more repairs and maintenance.
  • A certain degree of uncertainty: Especially if you intend on buying your Toyota privately, there is no certainty of the history of the vehicle, or even its actual condition.


What makes a Toyota a good option for a new or used vehicle?

Toyota has proven to be amongst the most reliable vehicles in the world. Reliability is often not prioritised amongst car manufacturers.

Which Toyota models are the most reliable?

It is generally agreed that models such as the Corolla, Camry, and Prius are amongst the most reliable in the Toyota range.

Which vehicle is the most popular in South Africa?

By quite a margin, that honour goes to Toyota, which was the top-selling brand in Mzansi in 2022.

Does a petrol engine last longer than a diesel engine?

It is the other way around. Diesel engines last longer than petrol ones.

Which Toyota model is the easiest to maintain?

By far it would be the Toyota Corolla, which has a long history of low maintenance costs.


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The bottom line is that truthfully, there is much to consider when choosing between purchasing a new or used Toyota. This is where personal preference should take precedence, as well as your individual needs. Be cognizant of your finances and your lifestyle, and you are bound to find the ideal Toyota for you, whether it be new or used.

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