05 Jul 2022

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  • Overview of the Toyota Fortuner interior and exterior
  • Exterior Overview of the Toyota Fortuner
  • Interior Overview of the Toyota Fortuner
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Watch the video below which encapsulates the luxury of freedom, both inside and out of the new Fortuner range​

Credit to Toyota SA


Toyota can be accused of many things, but unfounded ambition is certainly not one of them. The new range of Toyota Fortuner ticks almost every possible box that a consumer could require. The manufacturer is no novice to the SUV segment, and observing how they continuously add elements of innovation to the overcrowded market is a wonderful experience. The well-known sport utility vehicle conjures up images of off-road versatility, strong performance, as well as space, and comfortability.

Toyota has added a new dimension to this space by incorporating touches of luxury and even opulence into its new range. It is a tactic that elevates what was already a more than satisfactory experience and ensures that the Toyota Fortuner still stands out even amongst a plethora of competition.

Exterior Overview of The Toyota Fortuner

The architecture of the new Toyota Fortuner range is an image of authority and class on the road. Despite the silhouette of elegance that the vehicle gives, there is also the standard Toyota practicality. This is evident with the inclusion of auto-leveling LED headlights (available to all models in this range) and fog lamps. Models further on in the range additionally come equipped with rear fog lights.

Safety touches have not been withheld for the sake of stylishness. The exterior comes fitted with colour-coded side mirrors that are operated electrically and are retractable. A useful feature on some of the new models is the Blind Spot Monitor, which is an incredibly useful inclusion for all drivers.

The emphasis on safety is also present with the inclusion of LED-operated stop lamps that are extremely prominent. This ensures that your Fortuner is visible to approaching cars. There are also a variety of colours available for consumers to choose from. Toyota has added Oxide Bronze to the lineup as part of the new range.​

View our Youtube video below to learn more abut the remodelled exterior and fine lines that come with the new Toyota Fortuner range:

Toyota Fortuner Exterior Overview

Interior Overview of The Toyota Fortuner

An immediate standout when we peruse the interior of the new Toyota Fortuner is the black interior. The addition is again a reference to the stylish embellishments that the manufacturer has placed throughout the new range. The flagship VX models also come equipped with heated seats, whilst selected models come fitted with automatic dual-zone air conditioning.

Efforts have been made to ensure sufficient safety within the cabin itself with the inclusion of ISOFIX child seat anchors. There is also additional storage space provided in the instance that the driver needs to load and unload items. The convenience of drivers has also been wholly considered with the inclusion of the prominent Multi-Information Display, which is available in high definition.

Technological advancement is present with the inclusion of the Infotainment System which is compatible with Bluetooth and USB. A wonderful touch is a link to the JBL speakers, which further enhances the comfort of all passengers. A recognizable feature is the addition of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, which allows occupants to link their smart devices to the multimedia system.

View our Youtube video below and experience the technological advancements that Toyota has installed in the new Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Electronic Features

[​Credit Toyota South africa​]

View our YouTube video below and experience the all-black, lush interior offered by the new Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Interior Overview

For more information on the full specifications of the interior and exterior of the new Toyota Fortuner range, please download our brochure here. Experience this range by locating your nearest approved CFAO Toyota Dealership and booking a test drive. Let’s look at the options that the range offers in more detail.


New Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 R/B

The first model in our range is the new Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 R/B. This model comes standard with a child-restraint system with 17” alloy wheels.

Interior Features:Black partial leather seat trim, Day & Night rear view mirror.
Exterior Features:Colour-coded front bumper, LED headlights

New Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 R/B A/T

Coming standard with an automatic six-speed transmission is the Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 R/B A/T.

Interior Features:Front seat adjustment and reclining, Fold-up third-row seats.
Exterior Features:Colour-coded rear bumper, Daytime running lights

New Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 4x4 A/T

The Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 4x4 A/T is equipped with safety features such as Hill-Assist Control and Downhill-Assist Control.

Interior Features:Urethane/ 4 Spoke Steering Wheel, Cruise control
Exterior Features:Front LED fog lamps, headlamp leveling

New Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 R/B A/T

The Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 R/B A/T comes standard with a push start starting system and double-wishbone front suspension.

Interior Features:60/40 2nd row seats, Hydraulic/Variable flow control.
Exterior Features:Light control system, LED rear lights

New Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 R/B VX A/T

The Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 R/B VX A/T is equipped with a diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission.

Interior Features:Electrochromatic rear view mirror, adaptive high-speed cruise control
Exterior Features:Front spoiler, roof rails

New Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 4x4 A/T

The Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD-6 4x4 A/T rests upon 18” alloy wheels and is fitted with front and rear park distance control.

Interior Features:Toyota Connect enabled, 6 speakers
Exterior Features:Side step, Rear spoiler

New Toyota Fortuner 2.8 GD-6 4x4 VX A/T

The last model in the Fortuner range is the Toyota Fortuner 2.8 GD-6 4x4 VX A/T. This model comes equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor and Traction Control.

Interior Features:11 JBL Speakers, Auto/ Dual-zone air conditioner
Exterior Features:Power luggage rear door, Front spoiler


Is there a sunroof available for the new Toyota Fortuner?

Unfortunately, the Toyota Fortuner is not available with a sunroof option.

Is the Toyota Fortuner available as a 7-seater or a 9-seater?

The Fortuner is available as a 7-eater SUV.

Can we consider the Toyota Fortuner a family vehicle?

Absolutely. Due to the sheer space available in the Fortuner for luggage and occupants, it can be viewed as a vehicle suitable for families.

Is the Toyota Fortuner good value for money?

It is. One of the most outstanding aspects of Toyota is the reliability factor. Its engine has been proven to be a lot more reliable than that of other manufacturers.

For how many years on average can a Toyota Fortuner last?

If the vehicle is maintained well, it will be able to last for up to 20 years.


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There is undoubtedly a sense of grandeur that one feels behind the wheels of the new Toyota Fortuner range. It is a particularly poignant one for Toyota. The brand is founded on an ethos that includes reliability and safety, not often opulence. The smooth integration of an all-black interior and downright elegant exterior married with traditional Toyota performance is a wonder to observe. Truly, luxury on and off the road.

By comparison, the Ford Everest may be kitted out with similar tech and options, but there is not enough attention placed on the exterior modeling. A similar observation is true for the Mitsubishi Pajero, where the exterior has yet to be updated to represent a more modern feel.

For more information on the interior and exterior options for the new Toyota Fortuner, download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us:


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