08 Jun 2022


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A wonderful quip from IOL states: “Is the Toyota brand so entrenched in the South African psyche that buyers simply opt for its products by default?”

It offers a great insight into the relationship that we have long had with the manufacturer, and it was rendered even more poignant when Toyota began collaborating with Suzuki. The partnership between the two motoring giants produced the Toyota Starlet, and it also raised questions: Would we still support the brand given the similarities between the Toyota Starlet and the Suzuki Baleno?

The simple answer is: Yes. The brand’s values resonate loudly with South Africans, and the Starlet has enjoyed an early success since its launch. Now, with the release of the brand new range of Toyota Starlets, the brand has gone to town to elevate its appearance, technology, and innovation.

The new range of Toyota Starlets is available in 5 different variants:

  • Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi
  • Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs
  • Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T
  • Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR
  • Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T

The exterior of the new range has enjoyed several improvements. The lines of the Starlet are sleek and modern, with the front grille and front bumper redesigned. Despite the facelift, Toyota’s safety factor begins to rear its head with the LED project headlights. Compared to halogen lights, they burn brighter and even consume less energy. There are further touches to be found when we observe the exterior from behind, as the rear spoiler matches the sleek feel of the front. Toyota has also added a mindful touch with auto-retractable mirrors that fold inward when the driver parks. Even though there is a clear intention to uplift the appearance of the range, it is underlined with safety features.​

If the exterior of the Toyota Starlet is a marriage between sleekness and safety, the interior is one between innovation and practicality. There is a step up with the tech element with the Toyota Starlet offering Bluetooth and USB connectivity throughout the vehicle, as well as the ability for smart devices to connect to either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Additions such as 3 USB ports for on-the-go charging and automatic airconditioning ensure a journey that offers ease to the vehicle’s occupants. It is also worth noting that these innovations are not only practical for the consumer, but also on trend with the current trend of social media and the age of connectivity.

The range is also priced reasonably. Considering the overhaul that the Toyota Starlet has undergone, and its step-up in the tech game, the price is an extremely attractive factor. The entry-level Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi retails at R226 200 while the Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T retails at R313 300. Furthermore, it is priced cheaper when we compare the model to other competitors in this market.

Previous models may have been fitted with a 1.4-liter engine, but the latest Toyota Starlet is fitted with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder one. The result is a stable, credible performance on the open road. The latest range is not only agreeable in terms of performance, but it is also economical. The Starlet consumes a frugal 5.4 liters per 100kms for its manual version and 5.7 liters per 100kms for its automatic version. No one requires that the Toyota Starlet flit from 0-100 km at the speed of light. It falls back on a drive that is practical and safe.

To obtain a full view of the specifications of the new Toyota Starlet, please download our brochure here. Furthermore, locate an approved CFAO Toyota Dealership near you and book a test drive. Let’s look at the individual models in the range more closely.


New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi

Our entry model, the Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi, comes equipped with a 77kW engine and 138 Nm worth of torque.

Price:R226 200
Top Speed:175 km/h
Standout Features:Auto airconditioner, Child restraint system (ISOFIX).

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs

The second model in our range is the Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs. This model comes standard with a manual 5-speed transmission and consumes a frugal 5.4 liters of petrol per 100 km. To obtain more information on this model, please download our brochure here.

Price:R239 100
Top Speed:175 km/h
Standout Features:LED rear lights, Vehicle stability control.

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T

The Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T comes standard with an automatic 4-speed transmission and 77kW of power.

Price:R261 100
Top Speed:160 km/h
Standout Features:Electric power steering, Colour-coded retractable side mirrors.

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR

The fourth model in our range is the Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR. This model comes equipped with a Push/Start starting system and LED + projector headlights.

Price:R294 900
Top Speed:175 km/h
Standout Features:LED front fog lamps, electro-chromatic rear view mirror.

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T

At the top of our range, the Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T sits upon 16” alloy wheels and comes equipped with an automatic 4-speed transmission.

Price: R313 300
Top Speed: 160 km/h
Standout Features: Hill Assist Control, TFT colour multi-information display.


Which country manufactures the Toyota Starlet?

India. The new range is produced at Maruti Suzuki’s Gujarat plant.

Is the new Toyota Starlet a great, reliable car?

It is one of the most competitive cars in its segment. It is also priced fairly and has a plethora of features. The Starlet also provides a stable and comfortable drive.

Is the Toyota Starlet a front-wheel or a rear-wheel-drive?

The Toyota Starlet has differentiated itself from other variants in the market as it is a front-wheel drive.

In what year was the Toyota Starlet officially launched in the South African market?

The Starlet was launched in South Africa in September 2020 and it was initially touted as the replacement for the Toyota Etios.

Will the latest range come equipped with power steering?

The new range of Toyota Starlets all come standard with electric power steering.


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Considering the reputation that Toyota has within the South African market, one could almost forgive the manufacturer for resting on its laurels. More so when we understand that the Starlet is a product of the Toyota and Suzuki partnership. Simply emblazoning the vehicle with a Toyota badge and allowing the thrust of the brand to do the legwork could have been considered sufficient. Yet the re-introduction of the Toyota Starlet is an overhaul of great success. Toyota has not only fulfilled its reliability and safety quotas, it has entered a space of stylish innovation too.

For more information on the new Toyota Starlet, download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us or visit your nearest CFAO Toyota Dealership!

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