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Unleash Your Off-Road Dominance

Discover the Honda CRF250RX, a bike designed to conquer the toughest off-road challenges with unparalleled precision and agility. With a focus on peak cornering performance and enhanced handling, this lightweight powerhouse is ready to take your riding experience to the next level. The CRF250RX boasts a weight reduction of a full 3kg, thanks to its new frame and swingarm design. This, combined with tighter chassis geometry and increased ground clearance, delivers exceptional handling and manoeuvrability in any riding situation.

Championship-Caliber Chassis

For the 22YM model, the CRF250RX inherits the championship-winning chassis from its predecessor, the 21YM CRF450RX. Equipped with a twin-piston brake calliper featuring 30mm and 27mm diameter pistons that are paired with a 260mm wave-pattern disc, the CRF250RX combines this with a low-expansion rate brake hose. The result is a braking system that delivers exceptional stopping power, consistent performance and a strong, responsive feel.

HRC Launch Control for the Perfect Start

Achieving a strong start is crucial in off-road racing and the CRF250RX offers the HRC Launch Control system to give you an edge. Activating the Launch Control is simple: pull in the clutch and press the Start button on the right handlebar. The LED indicator will blink to indicate the selected mode. Choose from three modes to match your riding conditions and skill level, each offering optimised RPM settings for muddy or dry conditions.


CRF250RX From R140,200
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