ACE 125


Get the Honda ACE 125, Today!

Style, Comfort and Reliability at an Unbeatable Value

Experience exceptional style, comfort and reliability with the Honda ACE 125. This remarkable motorcycle is designed to deliver outstanding performance and versatility at a conveniently low price point. Whether you are seeking a reliable delivery companion or an efficient and comfortable ride for your daily commutes, the ACE 125 is the perfect choice.

Dependable Power and Low Maintenance

The ACE 125 is equipped with a powerful and dependable OHV 125cc 4-stroke engine. Designed to deliver reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements, this engine ensures that you can rely on your motorcycle for years to come. Experience smooth acceleration, impressive power and excellent fuel efficiency, making the ACE 125 an ideal choice for both urban and suburban rides. The ACE 125 is designed to work hard without compromising on comfort. Its extra-long and exceptionally durable seat can comfortably accommodate two adults, making it an ideal choice for shared rides or carrying passengers.

Superior Handling and Braking

Featuring 16-inch wire-spoke wheels and advanced braking systems, the ACE 125 provides exceptional handling and control on city roads. Enjoy nimble manoeuvrability and responsive braking, allowing you to navigate traffic with confidence and ease. Whether you are weaving through congested streets or cruising on open roads, the ACE 125 offers excellent traction and stability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride every time.


Ace 125 From R24,999
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