Get the Honda CRF110F, Today!

Adventure, Unchained

Ignite your passion for adventure with the Honda CRF110F. Built to withstand the test of time and deliver a rewarding riding experience, making it the perfect trail bike that combines Honda's legendary durability with new-rider-friendly performance. Designed to carry on the proud heritage of four-stroke trail bikes, dating back to the iconic XR75, the CRF110F is a kid-sized machine packed with full-featured capabilities that compel you to embark on your off-road journey with confidence.

Smooth Power, Easy Handling

Equipped with a dependable SOHC 109cc four-stroke engine, the CRF110F delivers smooth and easy-to-use power, making it ideal for novice riders. With a bore and stroke of 50.0 x 55.6mm and a compression ratio of 9:1, this bike strikes the perfect balance between performance and control. With a claimed KERB weight of 76.66kg, the CRF110F offers excellent manoeuvrability and control, allowing riders of all skill levels to navigate diverse terrains with ease.

User-Friendly Features

Unleash your potential, push your limits and create lasting memories on the CRF110F. The CRF110F is equipped with a smooth-shifting four-speed transmission and a simple-to-use automatic clutch, making gear changes seamless and intuitive. Whether you prefer the convenience of the electric starter or the nostalgia of a kickstart, this bike has you covered. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of starting your adventure, ensuring you are always ready to hit the trails.


CRF110F From R40,300
The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility