Get the Honda NC750X, Today!

Meet Your Ultimate Comfort Travel Companion

Experience the perfect blend of versatility, comfort and efficiency with the Honda NC750X. This remarkable motorcycle is designed to be your do-it-all companion, offering a ground-breaking twin-cylinder engine, a relaxed riding position and an array of features that make every journey a pleasure. From its enhanced power to its comfortable ergonomics, the NC750X is ready to take you on new adventures with ease.

Unleash Torque and Efficiency

At the heart of the NC750X is a torque-laden, fuel-sipping twin-cylinder engine that delivers exceptional performance on every ride. With 2kW more peak power and an increased redline, the EURO5-spec engine provides an exhilarating experience on the road. Thanks to meticulous work on valve timing and intake/exhaust efficiency, you will enjoy improved responsiveness and power delivery. Shorter gear ratios in the first three gears further enhance the bike's agility, while the slipper clutch ensures smooth downshifts and reduces lever load.

Customise Your Riding Experience

The NC750X features Throttle By Wire (TBW) technology, allowing you to tailor the engine character to your preferences. With three default rider modes – RAIN, STANDARD and SPORT – you can choose the performance that suits your riding conditions. Additionally, a customizable USER mode enables you to fine-tune the bike's characteristics to match your individual style and needs. Enjoy the freedom of adjusting the NC750X's power and response to optimise your riding experience.


    NC750X From R135,100
    NC750XD (DCT) From R145,300
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