Scorpio N

The Mahindra Scorpio-N stands ready for adventure as a beacon for thrill-seekers everywhere. This rugged SUV marries global engineering smarts with local savvy, unleashing superior off-road capabilities and bold performance for those daring to challenge the wild.


At CFAO Mobility Mahindra, we are proud to deliver this ultimate adventure machine, enhancing off-road capabilities to new heights and ensuring every drive is not just a trip, but a thrilling journey.

Views from above Its strong lines and powerful stance command attention, while the raised driving position offers a dominant view over challenging terrains.
No road is off-limits The Scorpio-N is built for exceptional performance across any terrain, ensuring no road is off-limits. Thanks to its cutting-edge 4XPLOR Terrain Mode technology, this SUV effortlessly adapts to diverse conditions—from sandy beaches to snowy trails and muddy paths.
Level Up Taking off-road capability to the next level, the latest 4×4 Adventure model in the Scorpio-N series transforms this rugged body-on-frame SUV into a true trail conqueror, ready to tackle the toughest terrains with style and power

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