S6 Mining

Mahindra CFAO Mobility proudly presents the S6 Mining, an even tougher version of the already rugged Mahindra Pik-Up bakkie, built for the tough demands of mining operations.


Carefully assembled to meet the strict standards of the mining industry, the S6 Mining bakkie showcases Mahindra's commitment to durability and functionality. Here at CFAO Mobility Mahindra, this model stands as a symbol of Mahindra’s dedication to providing vehicles that perform reliably and safely, even under the most extreme conditions.

Protect everyone on board This robust S6 Mining model features a reinforced chassis designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and is outfitted with key safety features such as a fire suppression system and high-visibility reflective stripes to protect everyone on board.
Bring it on! The Mahindra S6 Mining also boasts high clearance and strong engineering, making it capable of tackling the most challenging terrains and harsh conditions with ease.
Safe mode of transport It’s the perfect vehicle for sectors that require a dependable and safe mode of transport for their workers.

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