S4 Game Viewer

The Mahindra S4 Game Viewer transforms every wildlife expedition into an unforgettable journey. Specifically designed for wildlife enthusiasts and safari operators, this vehicle offers superior visibility and comfort for passengers, ensuring every adventure is immersive and enjoyable.


At CFAO Mobility Mahindra, the S4 Game Viewer is available as a testament to innovation in adventure travel, providing a robust platform for discovering wildlife in its natural habitat while ensuring each trip is safe, comfortable and spectacular.

Maximize viewing experiences The S4 Game Viewer features an open design that maximizes the viewing experience, sturdy construction to navigate rough terrain, and additional seating to accommodate groups of all sizes.
Engage with the environment Its purpose-built structure ensures that everyone aboard can engage fully with the environment, making it ideal for guided tours and personal explorations of the natural world.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the view! The vehicle is also equipped with safety and comfort enhancements to make long hours in the wild more pleasant.

S4 Game Viewer From R 485 999
The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility