Get the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Today!

Grand Vitara has made a comeback! With its cutting-edge design and best-in-class features, the new Grand Vitara is a visual marvel that honours its heritage. The Grand Vitara provides an opulent driving experience that makes an impression every time you take to the road, thanks to features like its dual-sliding panoramic glass sunroof (available exclusively on GLX models), elegant leather inside, and effective keyless entry.
Leave a grand trail The Grand Vitara is for people who are driven by a fearless and adventurous spirit, so set your sights on exploring the unknown. You can handle every obstacle on the road with style thanks to an inside design that is both bold and stylish.

Suzuki Grand Vitara
Next level of comfort The Grand Vitara, designed to allow you to push boundaries and explore uncharted territory, has a strong and effective engine that makes it easy to navigate a variety of terrains.

Using power produced by regenerative braking, the technology provides electric motor assist to help lower fuel use in scenarios like starting from a standstill or accelerating.

The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility