The New VW Polo Sedan - Complete After-Sales Guide 1

The New VW Polo Sedan - Complete After-Sales Guide

05 Dec 2022

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New VW Polo Sedan Overview


The new VW Polo Sedan is the ultimate cruise for your venture. Ready to navigate anything, it features reliable safety systems that ensure a secure, dependable drive. Ready for any journey you take, the new Polo Sedan is equipped with all the necessary features you will need to journey forth.

From its powerful engine and more than enough space, to smart technological features and more, the new Polo Sedan is designed to feel familiar as well as to embody its earnestness.

The Polo Sedan's dependable 1.6-liter MPI engine produces 81 kW of power, allowing you to confidently get from A to B. Additionally, it improves traction and stabilises movement through curves, ensuring that you are in complete control of your drive.

The Polo Sedan is the ideal vehicle for the journey ahead when your life grows in size. It has practically everything you could want in a car—style, fuel economy, and enough space—plus more.

Designed to make sense, the new Polo Sedan is fitted with convenient parking technologies such as a Rear View camera system, Rear Park Distance Control, and Hill Start Assist.

New VW Polo Sedan Original Parts


Volkswagen parts offer high-quality options to ensure the optimal operation of your vehicle. Our genuine, economy and exchange parts are designed to work with your vehicle without compromising safety.

When VW Genuine Parts are fitted in new vehicles, you can be assured that they are high-quality and custom-made for your Volkswagen. Because they are certified, superior Genuine Volkswagen Parts, they preserve the quality of your car and also guarantee your safety.

You can rest assured knowing that using real Volkswagen Genuine Parts means you are prolonging the lifespan of your car as the product tests conducted by independent inspection facilities regularly attest to the high quality of Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Checked and approved by the group development department, every Genuine Part is tailor-made for our models with our manufacturing expertise. Thus, preserving the value of your car.

New VW Polo Sedan Accessories


When your love for the brand extends beyond the driver’s seat, ShopVW-Lifestyle offers items and accessories you need to unmistakably express your appreciation for Volkswagen in a way that is loud and clear.

ShopVW-Lifestyle has something for every VW enthusiast, from exciting clothing for all seasons to fan-favourite merchandise you can enjoy all year. All you have to do is just take some time to explore our extensive inventory and see all that awaits you.

Cool and authentic, the ShopVW-Lifestyle is made just for you. From our VW-Proud Apparel and VW Motorsport Collection to VW Holiday Season and Polo Collections, the ShopVW-Lifestyle has everything for every VW enthusiast out there.

More than just a brand, ShopVW-Lifestyle is the epitome of ideologically sound apparel. Collaborations with boundary-breaking illustrators and street artists like Yay Abe, who brings a bold, colourful style to the streets and our accessories, you are guaranteed to get something daring, fresh, popping, and exciting in our ShopVW-Lifestyle.

And for our more versatile enthusiasts, we have also collaborated with Best Jr Keamogetswe Ncube to offer you abstract designs inspired by the vibrant, energy-filled culture of Pretoria. Ensuring that you get more than you bargain in our ShopVW- Lifestyle to give you the Best!

VW Polo Sedan Guarantees


The Warranty Plan covers manufacturing faults in mechanical and/or electrical components. To protect your car from the failure of many mechanical and electrical components due to manufacturing faults, a 3-year warranty is a guaranteed feature for all Volkswagen passenger vehicles.

Additionally, for a period of three years, the Paint Warranty covers the paintwork on your Volkswagen in case of factory faults. In the same light, your car should be cared for in compliance with the operating instructions covered in your vehicle handbook.

Also, the internal body sections and panels of your Volkswagen are covered against rusting from the inside for a period of 12 years*. We would like to further ask that you please consult our Volkswagen Dealer for full, extensive Warranty details.

For more information on Volkswagen’s Standard Warranty, Service & Maintenance Plans for Commercial Vehicles, please read this brochure.

New VW Polo Sedan Guarantees

New VW Polo Sedan
(all guarantees are standard)
Warranty (3 years / 120 000 km)
Anti-corrosion Warranty (12 Year)
Volkswagen Service Plan (3yr / 45 000 km)
Service intervals (15 000 km)

New VW Polo Sedan Maintenance Plans

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Maintenance Plans VW Polo Sedan | Polo Sedan Life | Polo Sedan Triptonic
Maintenance Plan (3-year / 45 000 km) R1,558
Maintenance Plan (4-year / 60 000 km) R7,083
Maintenance Plan (5-year / 90 000 km) R15,300
Maintenance Plan (5-year / 120 000 km) R30,033
Maintenance Plan (6-year / 150 000 km R42,075
Maintenance Plan (6-year / 180 000 km) R53,125
Maintenance Plan (7-year / 210 000 km) R65,308
Maintenance Plan (8-year / 240 000 km) R76,358
Maintenance Plan (9-year / 270 000 km) R82,450
Maintenance Plan (10-year / 300 000 km) R89,958

Subject to an Active Standard Volkswagen warranty or an Active Genuine Volkswagen Maintenance Plan*

New VW Polo Sedan Service Plans

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Service Plans VW Polo Sedan | Polo Sedan Life | Polo Sedan Triptonic
Service Plan (3-year / 45 000 km) x
Service Plan (4-year / 60 000 km) R4,021
Service Plan (5-year / 90 000 km) R8,111
Service Plan (5-year / 120 000 km) R12,388
Service Plan (6-year / 150 000 km) R16,595
Service Plan (6-year / 180 000 km) R20,581
Service Plan (7-year / 210 000 km) R25,860
Service Plan (8-year / 240 000 km) R30,138
Service Plan (9-year / 270 000 km) R33,300
Service Plan (10-year / 300 000 km) R37,286

Please note: Prices are subject to change, and precise quotes can be obtained through the Dealer Network or Customer Interaction Centre.

Contact Us For All Your After-Sales Needs


CFAO Mobility Volkswagen is proud to offer the Volkswagen South Africa vehicle range nationwide through our dealer network. And as such, please feel free to get in touch for all your after-sales needs. We are registered

Make an appointment for a service at CFAO Mobility Volkswagen to keep your vehicle in excellent condition on the road. Your vehicle will be taken care of at our service centre, and you will soon be back on the road.

Thanks to our team of trained technicians that utilise the latest diagnostic equipment, we offer expert repairs through our quick and efficient processes. Most importantly, we use Genuine VW Polo Sedan Original Parts.

Book your Volkswagen service today! And Experience true motoring bliss with the amazing solutions that are available from CFAO Mobility Volkswagen.

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