Polo Vivo Range - Complete After-Sales Guide

Polo Vivo Range Overview

The Polo Vivo has stood the test of time as a South African favourite. The vehicle offers an impeccable drive with four different trim levels – a car to suit everyone! Whether you’re looking for a more luxurious drive or car shopping on a budget, you will find a Polo Vivo to suit your needs.

Each Polo Vivo is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that your everyday drive is a breeze. The interior of this range has raised the bar for urban vehicles. The inside of every Polo Vivo is spacious, comfortable and easy to work. This makes it the ideal choice for first-time car owners or anyone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity.

The new range of Volkswagen’s famous Polo Vivo offers more style and even better safety. The Polo Vivo is the perfect choice for any person who is looking for a dependable and well-designed car. With so many trim levels available, we can’t go into extensive detail but we will provide the most important after-sales information!

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Trim Levels:

Polo Vivo Vehicles Recommended Retail Price
Polo Vivo Trendline 55kW From R 243 600,00
Polo Vivo Trendline 63kW From R 263 000,00
Polo Vivo Highline 77kW From R 291 600,00
Polo Vivo GT 81kW From R 327 900,00

Why You Should Keep Your Volkswagen Genuine

With Volkswagen, you don’t have to worry about your car’s longevity. As we say – “you do life, we’ll take care of the ride.” We’ve written our terms and conditions to be easily understood so that they’re easy to uphold. We don’t hide costs in contracts or deter questions with lengthy legal lingo.

That is why we have EasyDrive Maintenance and Service Plans. These plans are sold at our dealership and can even be purchased online. We don’t call them EasyDrive plans for no reason! VW South Africa has summed up the offer of our EasyDrive vehicle plans nicely for new car owners:

“Enjoy complete peace of mind beyond the drive with no unforeseen out-of-pocket repair costs, protection against inflationary price increases and 100% cover on all valid claims. We’ll also ensure that your Volkswagen always runs exactly as it should by fitting only Volkswagen Genuine Parts.” - VW South Africa

There’s nothing better than being able to drive with confidence and peace of mind. You could benefit from an EasyDrive vehicle plan today! Please contact a CFAO Mobility VW dealer near you today to enquire about vehicle plans.

Polo Vivo Accessories

The Polo Vivo range is perfect all on its own. But we have a few fun options available to customise and add to your incredible city car. Please note that some of these accessories come standard with certain trim levels, this is just an overview. For full information on the options and their pricing per vehicle please refer to the Polo Vivo brochure.

Polo Vivo Accessories

  • Metallic / Pearlescent Paint
  • Cruise Control
  • Floor Mats Front and Rear
  • Storage Package (Front Centre Armrest + Drawer under Drivers Seat)
  • Safety Package (ESC + Tyre Pressure Monitor)
  • Radio 340G SD/USB/MP3/Bluetooth/App-Connect with B-sting/2 Speakers & 2 Tweeters
  • “Estrada” 15” alloy wheels
  • “Rivazza” 16” alloy wheels
  • Parking Package (rear-view camera with rear PDC)
  • Lights and Vision Package (Rain Sensor + Dusk Sensor)
  • LED Headlights Package (incl Lights and Vision Package) forces PXX on Comfortline Manual
  • LED Headlights Package (Lights and Vision Package standard on GT)
  • Black Style Package + 16" "Portago" Alloy wheels

(Please note: Prices & Options were effective as of 04 October 2022 and subject to change without prior notice.)

With so many great additions to your Polo Vivo, your customisation choices are endless! You can create your own dream car for your urban driving. You can view a full brochure of Polo Vivo brochure online. You can also buy VW Polo Vivo accessories online, 100% original and verified by Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen South Africa website has more information on Polo Vivo Accessories. You can read more about the accessories on their website. Please note that not all accessories are subject to change from when this blog was written. You can always contact your VW nearest CFAO Mobility Dealership to enquire about the accessories that are on offer.

New VW Van Original Parts

When you’re driving your Volkswagen Polo Vivo every day, you’re bound to need a part replacement. A well-used car needs attention and care so that it can run at optimal performance. The various trim levels of the Polo Vivo will need different parts depending on which model you choose or own.

We can help you with a variety of different queries, “We can also source car parts and accessories for your vehicle and fit them at one of our dealerships. We stock genuine Volkswagen parts and our technicians are highly trained by Volkswagen.

We also offer the economy parts range from Volkswagen, which ensures that you can get safe, durable and performance driven replacement parts at affordable pricing. The economy parts range is specifically geared at vehicles that are out-of-plan (e.g. 5 years and older). Our parts deliveries are daily, and we hold stock of a range of common parts to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.” - CFAO Mobility VW

It could seem like a good option to buy supplementary car parts online. But it will only cost you more money and time in the long run. There are multiple fraudulent websites online preying on consumers looking for a deal. Many unauthorised sellers are offering fake products or simply taking your EFT – and running. Don’t risk the chance of confusion, complication and possible damage to your beloved Polo Vivo.

If you’d like to know more about the parts we have or our vehicle plans, please contact us. CFAO Mobility Volkswagen has a quick and easy parts form to fill out with your queries.

Polo Vivo Range Guarantees

With all the talk of vehicle plans, it would be unjust to not include a section on the various guarantees of the Polo Vivo vehicle. This includes maintenance, service plans and of course the guarantees of each vehicle and variant.

New VW Polo Vivo Range Guarantees

VW Polo Vivo Range
(all guarantees are standard)
3-year / 120,000 km manufacturer warranty
Anti-corrosion Warranty (6 years)
15,000 km service intervals

VW Polo Vivo Maintenance Plans

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Maintenance Plans VW Caravelle Highline | 2.0 BiTDI® 146kW | DSG® 4MOTION® SWB
Optional Maintenance Plan (3-year / 45 000 km) R6,233
Optional Maintenance Plan (4-year / 60 000 km) R11,192
Optional Maintenance Plan (5-year / 90 000 km) R18,983
Optional Maintenance Plan (5-year / 120 000 km) R29,892
Optional Maintenance Plan (6-year / 150 000 km) R41,792
Optional Maintenance Plan (6-year / 180 000 km) R52,275
Optional Maintenance Plan (7-year / 210 000 km) R63,891
Optional Maintenance Plan (8-year / 240 000 km) R77,208
Optional Maintenance Plan (9-year / 270 000 km) R89,108
Optional Maintenance Plan (10-year / 300 000 km) R102,000

(Subject to an Active Standard Volkswagen warranty or an Active Genuine Volkswagen Maintenance Plan).

VW Polo Vivo Service Plans

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Service Plans VW Caravelle Highline | 2.0 BiTDI® 146kW | DSG® 4MOTION® SWB
Optional Maintenance Plan (3-year / 45 000 km) R5,164
Optional Maintenance Plan (4-year / 60 000 km) R7,891
Optional Maintenance Plan (5-year / 90 000 km) R12,162
Optional Maintenance Plan (5-year / 120 000 km) R16,214
Optional Maintenance Plan (6-year / 150 000 km) R20,485
Optional Maintenance Plan (6-year / 180 000 km) R24,544
Optional Maintenance Plan (7-year / 210 000 km) R29,828
Optional Maintenance Plan (8-year / 240 000 km) R34,967
Optional Maintenance Plan (9-year / 270 000 km) R39,238
Optional Maintenance Plan (10-year / 300 000 km) R45,396

Please note: Prices are subject to change, and accurate quotes can be obtained through the Dealer Network or Customer Interaction Centre.

We at CFAO Mobility VW would be happy to assist you with any after-sales needs. We want to ensure that your Polo Vivo is always running up to standard. We will help elevate your Volkswagen’s performance so that your everyday drive is an amazing experience.

We have a variety of dealerships dotted all over the country, for your convenience. If you’d like to visit one of our dealerships in person, please locate your nearest dealer.

If you’d like to know more about Volkswagen After-Sales services and the parts we offer, please enquire online with us. We also stock all of the Polo Vivo variants, available to purchase and pay for month-to-month.

To enquire more about the VW Polo Vivo Range, click here to download our brochure , or feel free to contact us!