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08 Jun 2023

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Watch the video of the new Amarok pre-delivery prep below to get a preview of what to expect:

New VW Amarok Service Overview

Unlock the full potential of your new Amarok with our regular VW service at CFAO Mobility:

  • Maximising Performance - Regular servicing ensures that your new Amarok continues to deliver that thrilling, powerful ride you fell in love with. 
  • Ensuring Safety - By servicing your Amarok, we meticulously inspect and maintain crucial safety features, such as brakes, tires, and suspension.
  • Longevity and Reliability - Your Amarok is a true workhorse, built to last. Regular servicing is essential to ensure its long and trouble-free life.
  • Preserving Resale Value - Regular servicing not only maintains your Amarok's performance but it additionally preserves its resale value. A complete service history showcases your commitment to proper maintenance, making it an attractive proposition for potential buyers.

Schedule your VW service appointment with CFAO Motors VW today and keep your Amarok on the road in excellent condition.

New VW Amarok Accessories

You can carefully customise your VW SUV to suit your preferences by choosing from the numerous accessories that Volkswagen offers. See below for a list of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories that ensure your new Amarok is always 100% Volkswagen.

VW Amarok 2023 Exterior Accessories

Mud Flap - Front / RearIt protects your vehicle's sides, rear and underbody from scratches and damage.
FootboardIt helps drivers and passengers when boarding and exiting the car.
Styling BarDisperses impact force and supports the cab by reinforcing its structure.
Headlight ProtectorsIt protects the headlights from stone damage.
Bonnet ProtectorProtect the front of your vehicle from debris, insects, and other hazards.
Power Roller Shutter for Load BoxAllows you to open and close the box cover using the key fob from a switch inside the cargo box or from the instrument panel.

VW Amarok 2023 Interior Accessories

Canopy OptionsIt helps when you're hauling bulky loads.
All-Weather Floor MatsProtects your vehicle's floor from dirt, wear, and salt corrosion.
Manual Roller CoverIt gives you the option of the front or both front and rear protection with high-specification dash cams.

New VW Amarok Original Parts

VW Genuine Parts are top-notch and custom-made for your Volkswagen and motoring requirements. At CFAO Motors Volkswagen, we understand that using authentic Volkswagen components helps maintain the value of your vehicle, ensures its excellent quality, and supports your safety. As a result, CFAO Motors Volkswagen carries genuine Volkswagen parts, and our technicians have received extensive training from Volkswagen.

Some of the available new Amarok parts available for purchase include:

  • VW Genuine Batteries
  • Volkswagen Genuine Cam/Timing Belts
  • Volkswagen Genuine Air Filters
  • Volkswagen Genuine Windshields
  • Volkswagen Genuine Brakes
  • Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades
  • Volkswagen Genuine Headlights
  • Volkswagen Genuine Dust & Pollen Filters
  • Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers
  • Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs

New VW Amarok Service & Warranties

The new Amarok also comes with the following guarantees:

  • 4-Year / 120,000 km Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5-Year / 100,000 km Genuine Easy Drive Maintenance Plan
  • 15,000 km Service Intervals
  • 6-Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans give you total peace of mind beyond the drive with no unexpected out-of-pocket repair costs, protection against inflationary price hikes, and 100% insurance on all legitimate claims. Roadside assistance is another complimentary benefit of this plan.

New Amarok FAQs

How often should the new Amarok be serviced?

Volkswagen's recommended service interval for the new Amarok is at least once a year or every 15,000km.

Is the new Amarok expensive to maintain?

Not quite. The new Amarok Double Cab has a 5-year /100,000 km maintenance plan which comes standard with a 6-year anti-corrosion warranty, guaranteed.

What does a full VW service entail?

The primary service for a VW Tiguan entails a thorough vehicle inspection and report that covers all of the vehicle's lights, bodywork, locks, hoses, instruments, coolant levels, braking system, battery, glass, driving shafts, steering, suspension, and exhaust system. Also, not forgetting the diagnostic check, including a report and a thorough car road test.

How often should I get DSG serviced?

How frequently should the gearbox fluid for a VW DSG be changed? With DSG transmissions, every 64373,76 kilometres is the suggested service time for changing the VW gearbox fluid.

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Find A New Amarok For Sale

Keep your new Amarok on the road in excellent condition by scheduling a service appointment at CFAO Motors Volkswagen by clicking here. All the necessary personnel, equipment, and parts are housed at CFAO Motors Volkswagen Service Centre.

Contact us now for a VW service on your new Amarok. Our team of qualified experts uses the latest and most recent diagnostic tools to provide skilled repairs.

Get in touch with us!

Email: intuli@cfaomotors.co.za

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