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Meet The Nissan Magnite

Head into your bold new future in the new Nissan Magnite, the striking compact SUV with the power to go with its stunning good looks. With dramatic contours and a fierce presence, the Magnite always gets you there in style. Redefining what a compact SUV can be, the Nissan Magnite is packed with pioneering technology and a unique aesthetic that always turns heads.

You are always the centre of attention in the Nissan Magnite

Get used to being the topic of every conversation when you hit the road in this powerful and dynamic urban SUV, a Nissan that always coveys its power and performance capabilities, no matter where the journey may take you.

With an enticing interior that mirrors its exquisite exterior stylish, the Nissan Magnite was created to serve the needs of South Africans who like to make waves.
The Magnite is a compact SUV with a massive attitude While the Nissan Magnite may be a compact SUV, it has so much more to offer than what meets the eye. Inside, you’ll experience a world of highly advanced technology, offering the driver the ideal blend of technology, interior style and generous spaciousness.

Manufactured with the aim to deliver a finely-tuned driving experience, the Magnite offers seamless connectivity and hands-free control for the ultimate exhilarating ride.

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