The newly minted Haval H2 was revealed to South African motorists at the Festival of Motoring, presented by WesBank at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit back in August of 2019, and has since made its way onto showroom floors throughout the country, much to the delight of SUV enthusiasts from all walks of life.

So, what’s all the excitement about then? Although everything has remained on an even keel under the hood of the much-loved H2, it now comes with a very exciting line-up of design changes that places it in the upper echelons in terms of overall aesthetic appeal. This includes a revised front grill, arrow-shaped lights, updated front and rear bumpers, dynamic 5-spoke wheels, as well as a newly shaped bonnet and fenders. Inside, CarPlay now comes as a as standard feature across the range, and drivers can expect to find an all-new shifter in the Auto model and a sunroof on all models (with exceptional panoramic vision on the Luxury model).

Needless to say, sales numbers have been exceptional. Since the official release of the new H2 in January 2020, 500+ units have been sold locally, making up just shy of 50% of the 1083 Haval units that were sold overall within the borders of SA in January 2020. In a country where the small SUV market is saturated by a variety of brands that have been established for much longer, this is almost unheard of, although Haval enthusiasts would not have been surprised to learn of these numbers in the least.

After all, the Haval H2 is currently sold in over 40 countries with approximately 16000 units sold monthly in China alone. It has also been SA's top-selling multipurpose family vehicle since 2017, selling more than 7000 units in two years. As such, it only makes sense that discerning motorists would be keen to invest in the new iteration of the SUV that has become known for its safety, reliability and affordability.

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