Haval H6 Coupe


Just when you think that HAVAL has brought everything they possibly could to the vehicle development table, their team goes above and beyond to up the ante on what we thought possible in the SUV market. Case in point - the brand-new HAVAL H6 Supreme+ and HAVAL H6S that were recently unveiled at a star-studded ceremony at the Chengdu Open Air Music Park in China on August 27th.

The occasion marked the 10th anniversary of this globally sought-after vehicle and also provided the HAVAL team with the opportunity to introduce a captivated audience to their latest (and greatest!) achievements on the R&D front.

The legendary HAVAL H6 has been a total game-changer ever since it made its sleek way into the SUV sector a decade ago. Even in 2011 it was already lauded as the first intelligent urban SUV, and since then the HAVAL team has been hard at work to ensure that it speaks to each new generation in turn.

After all, the next gen of vehicle owners has far greater expectations of their go-to vehicles than the one before. These digital natives have come to take certain creature comforts for granted and expect innovative auto manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve and provide them with the next big thing even before they know that it is themselves.

Fortunately, the HAVAL team is up to this somewhat daunting task. This is why the unveiling of the new HAVAL H6 made such a big splash – both in China, where it is already revered as the ‘legendary national vehicle’, and further afield. It’s no wonder that sales of this automotive stalwart had reached the 3.5-million mark globally over the last decade.

So, what can auto enthusiasts look forward to when it comes to the new HAVAL H6? Here are a few important highlights:

  • A fresh new futuristic Eastern design aesthetic that straddles the divide between time-honoured class, and the energy and verve of youth.
  • Intelligent technologies powered by the GWM L.E.M.O.N. platform that transforms the H6 into a mobility partner that can think, communicate, and evolve. This includes an intelligent, full-colour HUD that provides real-time insights on vehicle and road conditions.
  • A fully updated 2.0GDIT engine, second-generation 7DCT transmission and chassis system of better controllability and stability for stronger and even more dependable performance.

Now you know! To find out more about the HAVAL H6 or any other HAVAL vehicles on our books, reach out to the UM HAVAL team to get in touch with our sales personnel in Fourways, Humansdorp, REEDS N1, or Gqeberha. We are here to ensure that you are ready to Lead the Future when you leave our premises with your dream vehicle.