Introducing the Fiat Fiorino


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The New Fiat Fiorino is the perfect car for use in the city

Don’t let the size of this tiny but versatile van fool you because the Fiorino offers a great balance of ample load space with compact exterior size, making it a very economical and practical choice for (small) business owners. The Fiorino is easy to drive and with a 1.4 petrol engine or the 1.3 multi-jet diesel, fuel consumption is way more efficient than vans with larger dimensions. Maintenance wise, it will also cost less than bigger vehicles.

Tiny but Versatile

This fun-sized panel van only measures 3.86 metres in length which will make it a breeze to pop in small parking spaces for receiving and loading. Speaking of loading, that will be no problem thanks to the large side-hinged rear doors which offer optimal load breadth and height thanks to a low load threshold and high roofline. The sliding door(s) on the side of the Fiorino are optional to further add to the practicality. The Fiorino’s standard load volume of 2.5 cubic metres can be increased to 2.8 cubic metres thanks to a towable front passenger seat.

Stand out from the rest

Besides its awesome specs and practicality, the Fiorino’s charismatic design is one of our favourite things about it. Its rounded shapes, the front-end with that typical Fiat ‘chin’ and robust stance make it much cooler than your standard delivery van. Additionally, it comes in bright colours like orange and metallic lime green which is a nice alternative to the standard minivan-white and definitely will make you and your business stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a small, safe and practical van that can reach places that larger bakkies can’t, it just makes sense to go with the Fiat Fiorino. If it’s capable of managing the narrow streets and crazy traffic in Italy, it’s certainly able to conquer traffic and dodging minibus taxis in South Africa’s cities. And it is cheap and reliable too.

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