Transporter 6.1 Kombi
Kombi 6.1

Volkswagen Kombi 6.1: a vehicle that combines versatility and power


Increase Performance with the Dynamic Performance of Kombi 6.1.

Transporter 6.1 Kombi
Magnificent Exterior Designed to satisfy the demands of dedicated professionals, the Volkswagen Kombi 6.1 is developed to deliver outstanding performance and durability. This van's precision engineering and sturdy design make it capable of handling any task.

Optionally select an 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox to go along with the potent 2.0-liter TDI engine, which produces an amazing 340 Nm of torque and 103 kW of power. This guarantees you'll have the muscle required to complete even the most difficult activities.
Transporter 6.1 Kombi
Desirable Interior You'll notice that the workstation in the Volkswagen Kombi 6.1 has been carefully designed with your comfort and convenience in mind as soon as you walk in. The interior's clever design will give you and your coworkers plenty of space to work efficiently, making the trip convenient and productive.

With its modern technology and ergonomic layout, this van can be transformed into a mobile office that will boost your productivity while you're on the go. Whether you go with the manual or automatic version, you'll have a powerful and efficient driving experience.
Transporter 6.1 Kombi
Highlighting qualities With a 75-liter fuel tank, the Volkswagen Kombi 6.1 has a remarkable range that reduces the need for regular refuelling and extends your driving time.

With a generous weight capacity of 2.5 tonnes, you may undertake difficult duties with confidence knowing that your goods is delivered securely.

In conclusion, professionals looking for performance, versatility, and dependability will find the Volkswagen Kombi 6.1 to be a formidable partner. This van is made to enhance your job experience while taking on the road ahead thanks to its strong engine, roomy cabin, and advanced features.

Transporter 6.1 Kombi
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