Tank 300 Venture Further
Tank 300

Get Ready for a Tank invasion!


Distinguished SUV The all new GWM Tank 300 is a remarkable fusion of durability suited for off-road adventures and the elegance necessary for smooth city driving, marking a significant advancement in the realm of mid-size SUVs.

Engineered to cater to both the adventurous spirits and the daily needs of modern families, the Tank 300 features a robust powertrain that delivers impressive performance across diverse driving conditions
Seamless Elegance Inside, the Tank 300 offers a sanctuary of quiet and comfort.

The cabin is a masterpiece of design, where high-quality materials meet ergonomic excellence, creating an environment that's both luxurious and user-friendly.
An Exterior to Envy The exterior of the Tank 300 commands attention, with its bold and assertive design that skillfully merges practical off-road functionality with sleek aesthetics.

The distinctive grille, strong lines, and modern lighting not only underscore its capability on challenging paths but also ensure it shines in the urban landscape.

The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility