Introducing the Opel Mokka


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New Opel Mokka SUV for sale

Looking to buy a new or pre-owned Opel in South Africa that will go the distance and make a statement without saying a word? The Opel Mokka is a unique vehicle that conveys a powerful stance on and off the road. With its rugged sense of style it exudes confidence at every turn, showing off the elegantly sculpted sides, sleek rear styling and 18” alloy wheels.

World-class refinement

From the front the distinctive grille, wrap-around headlights, lower trim and steeply raked windscreen offer a glimpse at the Mokka’s overall design philosophy. The athletic, sporty appearance is continued with the generous height and width of the doors.

Brilliant details

The short overhangs and business-like wheel arches give you an indication of its rugged capabilities. The Mokka displays the Opel Blitz emblem proudly, packing the style of a full sized SUV in a compact sporty drive.

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