We are so pleased to see Opel back in South Africa with a range of exciting new models like the new Corsa and the Safira bus in the last year or so. The most recent release is the third generation Opel Mokka which has been on sale in South Africa for a bit over a month now and has found its way to a Reeds showroom near you!

We are gushing about the new Mokka’s bold, mysterious and almost futuristic looks and all of the excellent tech and spec of the two variations available in Mzansi; the Elegance and the range-topping GS Line.

The Mokka is the first Opel locally to feature the new design language with its protective visor front which gives a helmet-like look. Adding to the eye-catchiness are the 6 bold and bright colours in which this compact SUV is produced, making it an excellent competitor on the highly competitive B-SUV segment.

Digital Detox

The interior is nothing like the previous version. Initially we were confused to hear the Opel designers placing emphasis on a so-called ‘digital detox’. Especially because they completely ditched analogue gauges in favour of an almost all digital approach which gives the Mokka that extra high-tech appeal.

However, the ‘digital detox’ refers to the development of a system that works intuitively to avoid distracting the driver. Buttons control the most important functions without having to navigate through menus, which is a huge plus. The cherry on top is the digital dashboard which is customisable to your own preferences.

Responsive and not shy

Under the Mokka’s stylish bonnet with the ‘spine’ lies the engine, for which the manufacturer chose a 1.2-litre three cylinder turbo petrol engine with a proven track record in the Peugeot 2008 and 208, 96kW and 230Nm powering the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

If, by reading this, you expect that this car may feel underpowered the Mokka will surely surprise you. It’s delightfully responsive and not shy to rev.

The gearbox changes cogs effortlessly but to actuate manual gear changes paddle shifters have been fitted to the steering wheel.

Fun to drive

The Mokka will impress you with its road manners. It’s perfectly capable to take on some bumpy sections at speed with the chassis and suspension keeping things tidy and the steering providing enough direct feedback.

In addition, this all new Opel Mokka is 120kg lighter than the previous model which immediately shows itself when you get behind the wheel and results in lesser fuel consumption, more responsiveness, agility and most importantly, more fun to drive.

Knowing you’re safe

  • While driving, you can sit back and relax, knowing you’re safe since this car is fitted with an impressive array of safety features including forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, lane assist, ABS and EBD.
  • The adaptive cruise control maintains a set safe distance between the Mokka and the car(s) in front, using radar sensors and cameras. Your speed increases or decreases automatically following the vehicle in front, but never exceeds the set speed. It works between 30km/h and 180km/h. The system also offers an additional stop and go function which is able to bring the car to a standstill and follow the car in front when you get stuck in traffic.
  • Additionally, the GS Line comes with the latest matrix LED lighting technology that provides a number of impressive features including surround lighting when you’re reversing into a tight space at night.

More Stylish

The Mokka has lots of appeal as a family car, but while its 310-litre boot is a reasonable size, its rear seats are slightly cramped therefore it might not be the most comfortable choice for family holidays. However, the Opel Mokka won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a safe and reliable, easy on the eyes-type of crossover for errands and weekend adventures with the family.

All in all, the all new Opel Mokka is a huge improvement on its predecessor; it's more stylish, better to drive and very heavy on the tech.

It's also pretty good value. In addition, the Opel Mokka comes with a three-year/120 000km warranty and a four-year/60 000km service plan.

Want to come and see this striking crossover for yourself? Visit your nearest Reeds Showroom or call our branch to book a test drive.