Transporter Double Cab

Beat Tough Jobs in the Volkswagen Transporter Double Cab


Transporter 6.1 Double Cab. Gets the job done

Iconic Exterior The VW Transporter Double Cab is more than just a vehicle & emerges as a true icon of automotive design, seamlessly blending style and utility into a harmonious symphony of sophistication.
The Transporter Double Cab's 16” alloy wheels not only elevate its aesthetic appeal but also ensure a smooth and commanding ride.
Spacious Interior Step inside the VW Transporter Double Cab, and you're greeted by an interior that effortlessly blends spaciousness with comfort. The epitome of versatility, this double cab marvel boasts a generous load compartment volume of 2.5/3.1 cubic metres, ensuring that no cargo is too formidable to accommodate. With 5-7 adjustable seats.
People Carrier with potential Whether you're navigating through urban landscapes or exploring the great unknown, the Transporter Double Cab is your gateway to limitless possibilities.
Experience the future of driving with the VW Transporter Double Cab – a true testament to the art of automotive ingenuity.
The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility